Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s main spokesjihadist slams Donald Trump again

Master of obfuscation and double talk, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper of CAIR says Donald Trump is lying about Muslims in America not wanting to rat out their terrorist friends which is why they rarely cooperate with law enforcement officials. Too bad the CNN host didn’t have the below poster to throw in his face: cair_flyers

Doubling down on the CAIR talking points, another smarmy spokesjihadist lies about Muslims standing shoulder to shoulder with the LGBT community, despite the fact that the LGBT community has supported Muslims in America…UNTIL NOW.

And now we hear from Ahmed Rehab, spokesjihadist for CAIR-Chicago. Rehab likes to blame all acts of Islamic terrorism on ISIS, failing to mention that he is a pro-Hamas activist himself. There’s a longstanding but unconfirmed rumor that he is also gay.