I’M BACK!!!!!


FIVE days after fracturing 4 ribs and puncturing a lung after falling off my horse after he overjumped a fence and tossed me out of the saddle, causing me to lose my stirrups and my balance, which he reacted to in typical high strung Thoroughbred flightiness which pitched me into the dirt…I have returned. Fortunately, sitting at my computer is the most comfortable seat I can find in the house.

Thanks so very much to BNI contributor and good friend Susan K for her kind help in keeping all of you informed as to my whereabouts during my absense and estimated return, which happily was sooner than predicted. And thanks to all my dear readers for their kind wishes and messages of support.

In answer to many questions about why I ride and will continue to ride after this and many other falls I have taken, it is simply because of the joy I get from being around these majestic and loving animals. After spending day after day doing a blog like this, horses are what keep me sane and able to continue. I am not a professional rider but anyone who rides knows that if you ride long enough and often enough, you are going to fall.


The video below represents many of the falls I’ve taken in  35 years or riding. Most I walked away from but several I did not. The only thing that will keep me from getting back on is when I take my final dirt nap. As Winston Churchill said, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”


I will approve the hundreds of comments still in need of moderation and start posting as much as I am able to tormorrow. So happy to be back among my cherished BNI friends.

Love, Bonni