FAKE KUMBAYA MOMENT: Look how easy it is for Muslims to fool non-Muslims (and the media) about their real beliefs

larger_file_multi-faithSuch a well-rehearsed show of phony solidarity as Muslims and Christians and probably a few Jews gather in an Orlando mosque allegedly to unite in grief over the Muslim terrorist attack that killed 49 gay people. Listen to the comforting words of the imam as he tries to convey a message of acceptance – that there are no differences between Muslims and gays, lesbians, Christians and Jews, because we are all human.

But one look at the Muslims in prayer which begins around 01:50, explodes this whole idea of equality. See the Muslim men praying in the front with the Christian men seated behind them. Behind the men are the Muslim women, relegated to praying in the back and behind them are the non-Muslim women standing. So much for equality.