If you live in Australia, you are not allowed to see this political ad on TV. Pass it on.

CgZv2nCUUAEJoR9A TV advertisement produced by Australian Liberty Alliance was scheduled to be aired starting on June 19th in Western Australia for the 2016 Elections but was suddenly cancelled and the paid-for slots immediately reallocated to other advertisers.


This is  not the first time the anti-Islamization ALA party was refused service by proprietors deathly afraid of offending Muslims. Banks and ticketing services have reneged on signed agreements, paid venues cancel meetings at the last minute, media refusing to publish ads at the last minute without notice, and more. Keep it up, and Australia will soon look like fascist Germany looks today. vote1ala.org

The TV ad you are not allowed to see in Australia from Australian Liberty Alliance on Vimeo.

To assist in the purging of islam from Australia (and Islam’s appeasers), voters in the upcoming Australian Federal election may care to consider the following information …

For and on behalf of …
Kirralie Smith
Lead Senate Candidate NSW

Hello friends,
Less than 2 weeks to go until the election! I have been travelling for the past week in the Blue Mountains, Forbes and Bathurst. Everywhere I go I meet like-minded people who are concerned about the direction we are taking as a nation. Political correctness, Islam and wasteful government spending are the big issues for most of the people I meet.

Last week, immediately after the Orlando massacre, the (“unelected”) Prime Minister of Australia hosted a dinner in Kirribilli House for an Islamic festival. He ignored the Christian celebration of Pentecost and the Jewish feast of Shavout and instead invited a known hate-preacher into his residence. How on earth can he, his staff or government be trusted when it comes to vetting potential immigrants in this country! It was an offensive statement and disgraceful display of arrogance on his part.

Today the Daily Telegraph revealed that the Labor party pre-selected and endorsed a candidate with known links to Hizb ut Tahrir! A radical Islamic group that holds very extreme views. Our major parties are extremely out-of-touch with everyday Australians and they are not ensuring the safety or security of our nation, but instead bow down to the dangerous beast of political correctness.

All of our “How to Vote” cards have been designed and you can find them here: http://www.vote1ala.org/how-to-vote . Please note that each state and candidate has a different list of suggestions.

This is not an endorsement of any of these parties. Nor does the order indicate who is or isn’t most like ALA. These are our suggestions based on many factors like similar (but not the same) policy ideas, where they placed us on their how to vote, numbers gained in 2013 election, deals they made with other parties and more.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this. It is very important that you realise the only preferences that can be allocated are your ones! Only the voter allocates preferences. The parties can no longer do this. All we can do is suggest how to vote. There were many factors taken into consideration when deciding who to suggest and in what order. The reality is though if you don’t like our suggestions you can choose your own – it is up to you to allocate preferences.

I decided to stand with ALA because I believe there is no other party that has the professional organisation and ability to make a difference the way we can. On the topic of Islam in particular, I believe ALA is the only party that has legal and constitutional policies that can be implemented and make a difference. This has been confirmed by former coalition advisors and political analysts. Australian Liberty Alliance goes beyond sentiment to real solutions.

Kind Regards,
Kirralie Smith
Lead Senate Candidate NSW

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