“Chopping Gays’ heads off is the easiest solution”

‘Moderate’ American Muslim imam who is a role model for Muslim youth around the world offers his views on what to do about homosexuals.


InfoWars  (h/t Emma) According to the Muslim Group of USA and Canada, Imam Hamza Sodagar, “Is deemed a role model by young Muslims all around the world,” having studied Islamic issues for 14 years and spoken at innumerable events globally. Sodagar’s prominent role in influencing potentially millions of young Muslims make his remarks all the more chilling.

Despite the shocking nature of his comments, Sodagar was subsequently invited to Sweden to preach to Muslim youths about “Islamic jurisprudence” and “Islamic philosophy”.

Actually he offers 5 methods for dealing with gays:

Meanwhile, another “moderate” Muslim also made bizarre comments in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting, with Islamic Professor Ahmad Nofal of the University of Jordan asserting that “[homosexuality] is controlled and imposed upon the world by global Zionism, Allah’s number one enemy on Earth.” (Ah, yes, when in doubt, blame da Jooooos)