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  1. Ann Bitchquirer,

    It in fact IS the 21st century. So, honey I suggest you look around, open your eyes, and actually SEE what’s happening and not just repeat what other’s say. Like they say, Americans are leaders, not followers.

  2. This is the first one and only thing I have ever and tho I cannot say, as of now that I will never see eye to eye with Mr. Trump in this instance “I DO”!!! See as a Christian or as a non-Christian or as an American CITIZEN or as one who does not believe in the Islamic religion or that of its people. U see this is the way it is…I mean THE WAY IT IS. If u r a non believer in ALAH U R WANTED DEAD IR ALIVE. MISTLY DEAD!!! Combined with being American, excuse the expletive U R FUCKED. The Muslim religion finds it is o.k. to lie to someone in order to further the cause i of this sect, and is not a sin if not a lie committed against Alah. So u cannot trust ANYONE WHO IS MUSLIM. The Muslim religion says it is o.k. to sleep with another as long as u didn’t enjoy it and therefore it is not a sin The ends justifying the means. EVERYONE…EVERYONE!!! Who does not believe in Alah is DEAD. I am speaking from knowledge. A long while back I downloaded the entire book of Islam onto fb don’t kno If anyone read any of it. However knowledge is power and one should always kno what they can expect from a terrorist group. And isn’t it enough that any group that wishes to exact terror should be cautiously feared, And kno what to look for. I am not a heretic, I am a lover and patriot for my country and my fellow man. The biggest concern I have of Donald Trump as our President is my fears of his lack of political experience and proven inability To put anything of this magnitude into a proper context meaning he is not a master of words nor can I find It within myself to admit he may also be a master negotiator. He has proven, at least to me To not exhibit the proper diplomatic decorum in matters of this nature. U wanna we the next world war caught on,American soil??? Well a vote for Trump solidifies that this will be the case. Jesus is coming and what we should all be doing is preparing for his return. Thanks Tammy Johnson

    • I read your column and it was well written, however, the part of your concern about Trump not exhibiting the proper diplomatic decorum in matters of the middleaast havoc is “very wrong”. We have done the diplomatic decorum with Obama and Hillary and what has that given us? You speak of Yeshua and his coming. Nobody but G-d knows “when and where”. I believe in signs and my belief is as followed: Elizabeth CHRIST is the grandmother of Donald Trump. His grandfather changed his last name to TRUMP so it could by understood by others since Dfump could not be understood. The trumpet and the blessed name Christ floats in the blood of Donald J Christ Trump and “we” have to remember that G-d the Creator has “always” used sinners to bring change in the world. Read your Torah and see how many Kings were murderers and sinners and they became Prophets and Leaders. So, he is not polished – but we all have to be babies in the beginning of our Christianity life. Trump is a new saved soul. Give him a chance to help our nation get greater again and not judge him for his past sins. For we all have fallen short when it comes to sins.

      • I understand your concern about Trump. But he has the ability to delegate and said he wants to choose a Vice President that has Political background. I believe that God has heard our prayers to save America. There are more & more people feeling concern for how corrupt politicians have become that’s why Trump is doing so well

  3. The crux of the islamic ‘problem” is this the left buy the takia lies islam spreads. And for every lying “moderate” (they supply money, arms, hosing and travel) there are three uneducated radicals. Look to EVERY western country the infest. They refuse to follow any western laws, they treat women like shit, they piss and moan about everything we do in our countrys untill the effete lefties cower before them and surrender OUR rights. ALL of islam is a disease if you won’t eradicate it at least force it back into THEIR countries. And send all the coexist nut bags with them.

    • MR,Islamic and Leftist principles almost coincide and even merge.Historically the Left has supported Islam without realizing that once they start sharing power with each other,the former becomes powerful and then the latter are eliminated giving full control to the former.This is how Islamization of various nations has taken place.
      The moderates/secular give tactical and faith based as well as logistical support–I agree with you there.

      Western women are and will be treated well ,instead of their own women since the Muslims want them seduced so that Islam can spread through marriages.This spread is “peaceful”.Unfortunately,there are many western women who get sucked in this.Rosemary Sookhdeo has written a good book on this subject.

      • Good point, Please investigate the Coudehoven-Kalegri plan then ask yourself why the European Union, every two years, give an award to one of its elite, in this sociopaths name.

        • Thanks,British Freedom for your reply.I will certainly follow up on this.Is anybody in England aware of an Amazon .Com kindle book- Hasta La Vista Europe,especially those who wanted to be with EU?

          Was there any guarantee given by the EU to England that the Asian,North African and Middle Eastern migrants won’t have to be shared by England as well? Exactly why this book should be read by all.Regards,

  4. Zahra:

    TaqiyyaMeister, or should that
    be TaqiyyaMeisterin*?

    So many deliberately
    ambiguous statements:

    “But I am also gravely offended
    and disappointed by
    the actions of extremists,
    like the majority of Muslims are.”

    Like: The majority are extremists?

    “I, like the majority of Muslims, am a civilised, well-educated, valid member of society…”

    You like the majority.
    You have met the majority…?
    You believe the majority are like you?
    The majority have at least one degree…?
    Please cite your sources.

    “…only a tiny proportion of Muslims actually believe the bullshit that ISIS is spreading.”

    If ONLY ONE IN A MILLION believe him, that’s STILL 1,500… and we know that there are ~30-50,000 fighting with him in Iraq and Syria, with MANY thousands more trying to join him, so maybe 20-30 per million. And there are what, ten times as many who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk?

    Maybe that second echelon – 200-300 per million – are ‘only’ safe house providers, spotters, financiers, arms providers, target seekers…?

    al-Baghdadi has three degrees in islamic studies, three degrees more than you. His instructors rated him as extremely knowledgeable, equal to, or better than those teaching him. He quotes his koranic sources to support his actions. Those citations have not been refuted point-by-point by the most knowledgeable authorities.

    Oh, some lesser lights have cast general aspersions about his ‘misquotations’ but dare not address him on very specific points. If you have some cast-iron refutations from top authorities, please cite them.

    * Just came across a new word today – bitchmeister – I wonder if that cap fits you?

    Are you from that DREADFUL leftard hellhole, the London School of Economics? They could teach comrade Marx a thing or two.

    Are you BFF with IFTikhar Ahmed, who graces these pages occasionally? You certainly share similar delusions.

  5. MuSHIT can rot in hell. Well done Donald Trump, yes all of us loathe Islam down to the core.
    Don’t stop this website, keep it up, Bonni. Oh and leave some of the musloids comments, I’ll repost them so that the world with brains in their skull can see the taqqiya and lies of this musloid savage from hell, ALL MUSLIMS ARE OUT TO KILL YOU.

  6. When you’ve got your head up your ass, it doesn’t matter what they “cut off your shoulders”….. Thinking people have a risk, those who suffer from “rectal craneitis” however, are, for the most part, not at risk. Maybe they can all join the “protesters” on the House floor???? After all, they too, are not at risk of beheading……

  7. I think this is made up. Unless he deleted it, it’s not on his Twitter feed. I agree with the sentiment, however!

  8. Donald, thank you! I have the same condition. I also like my head. And i like my body. Trump needs to KEEP going and telling this country what islam really is…too bad so many don’t bother to read anything and do some research…i learned all about islam in school….man, !! i VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!!!

    • Do you actually have any idea what you’re saying? If you had been properly educated about Islam in school then you would know that it is a religion based on love, tolerance and acceptance, and just because some whack job extremists are running around ruining things for the rest of the Muslims in the world, it doesn’t mean that every Muslim believes in killing people. I am disgusted by the actions of the small minority of “Muslims” (in inverted commas, as they’re distorting the teachings of Islam and so can’t really be called Muslims at all) who are extremists, but the majority do not condone those sorts of actions. Don’t generalise people that you don’t know. Terrorists exist in all religions, look at the KKK! But you can’t judge an entire religion based on the actions of a few.

        • Get into the 21st Century, Zahra. The KKK is long defanged. It’s only in the media’s propaganda that it still exists, Its another convenient media lie. Give it up.
          The only KKK that is rising today is KuKluxKAIR, the Hamas and MusBrohood terrorist tied group.

        • Please take a look at the percentage of Muslim who support ISIS v. the percentage who are against ISIS. You will see that only a tiny proportion of Muslims actually believe the bullshit that ISIS is spreading.

          • If you follow the quran, you support ISIS, because ISIS is following the teachings of the quran. You are really out of your league, here lady, we’ve heard all your excuses before and nobody is buying them. So run along to one of the many leftist blogs that will welcome your taqiyya/kitman with open arms.

        • Too funny! Oil (muzzlims) and water (Christians/the U.S.) will never mix and I wish the fraud in the W.H., and his minions would cease trying to make it happen. The only good muzzlim is a Reformed Muslim and they, sadly, are few and far between save for the few who speak out on tv such as Bridget Gabriel, Zhudi Jasker (spelling) and a few others.

        • BareNakedIslam,

          Do you even know what’s in the Quran? Or do you just believe everything that you hear? Please take a teaching from the Quran that’s about killing people and translate it to English, if you claim to know that the Quran teaches stuff like that. I’m serious, please go ahead, find a teaching about killing from the Quran and translate it HERE for everybody to see.

          • Yes, I do. I have read many section of the quran and got a thorough explanation of the parts I did understand well by reading the entire Reliance of the Traveller. I have posted many of the most violent parts of the quran here. No need to keep repeating it.

        • WTF MAN…Trump is racist against almost ANYONE. Why doesn’t he go make his own little orange-ass tomato race and we’ll see how he likes it when the media is racist against him.

      • Sorry, but what you speak is Taqiya, Muslims have been at war with the rest of the world since it was founded by it’s delusional “prophet”. I am sure you hold the same beliefs when you are in your trusted “circle”. I am also sure you are a blatant anti semite like all muslims are

        • Actually, I don’t think you should judge someone before getting to know them. I am definitely not any of those things (definitely not an anti-Semite as I don’t hate Jews. Please go and educate yourself). I am a British citizen who was born in the UK and yes, I am a Muslim. But I am also gravely offended and disappointed by the actions of extremists, like the majority of Muslims are. I have a UK LLB (Hons) Law degree and am currently undertaking an LLM in International Commercial Law. Everything I have studied and believe in up until this point, both religious and otherwise, has been completely without bias or prejudice. I, like the majority of Muslims, am a civilised, well-educated, valid member of society and I wholeheartedly disagree with your bigoted statements. Furthermore, I would NEVER judge an entire religion based on the actions of a minority, hence why I am friends with people from all religions including the ones connected to the examples outlined above.

          You get good and bad people in every religion. Priests rape little kids, and just today Buddhists attacked a Mosque, despite Buddhism teaching love and acceptance, etc. And look at Westboro Baptist Church and the hatred they spread! And the Army of God, who are a group that promote killing abortion providers. So no, it’s not just the KKK. There is extremism in EVERY religion, it’s only portrayed negatively when it’s a Muslim to blame. By the way, Muslims make up 23% of the world’s population, so if we wanted to take you all out then we would have by now. Just a thought.

        • Islam. Muslim. Liars. Murderers. Rapists. Pedophiliacs. Even bestiality. All turds in the same toilet. Flush the bastards off God’s green earth. Leftists, Democrats, socialists, communists, fascists. All of you. You aren’t welcome on EARTH. Keep pushing us, and youre gonna find out the same thing the Nazis and Japanese did. The giant is awakening. Again. Keep pushing…please.

      • How do you explain every moslem country being a shit hole and in turmoil. Either way, Islam is a disease that needs to be eradicated so the rest of humans can live in peace

      • so muslims do not defile children, even their own, do not stone to death little girls who at the age of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 etc do NOT want to be given (sold to, married off to or however you want to colour it) to some filthy, sick old pervert as a sex slave/toy, aren’t terrified of their women (why else would they make them cover up their entire bodies), and don’t beat females into a terror-filled submission because they are such perverted cowards, (another reason to have them covered up), and they don’t mutilate women? They don’t behead children, rape anything that moves, including both boys and girls and women, and apparently animals as well, they aren’t the full and horrible meaning of the word ‘monster’? Good to know, as all those horrible videos on youtube, all the reports in the news, all the other stories in the media, sure make it seem VERY obvious that that is exactly what the big, brave muslim males are like and do. So muslim men love their families, consider their partners are equal human beings, that their children are the future and want only the best for them and their environment, and do not read or practice the rantings of an ancient (human, just) demented, sick, coward warlord, who hated women and respected nothing or no one, and had a Hitler/G Khan, wannabe God-like complex going on. GOOD TO KNOW. Shame they don’t show this!

      • Lol pls show me a large muslim movement against the extremist parasites… doesn’t exist. The white and African communities fought the KKK whereas you muslims keep silent. Look at KSA and Qatar, do you see them denouncing the violence of these parasites? When you muslims and the govts of the middle east rise up against the cancer in your so-called religion, then you can speak. Until such time, your words are meaningless.

      • You’re right. Look at the number of Muslims who are not extremists but like Brigitte Gabriel said 2 billion Muslims and out of that 300 millions or to that effect are extremists, so yeah, that’s a lot of extremists that can do a lot of damage so your argument fails.

    • Even though Muslims claim to be 23% of the world populus, they could never take us all out no matter how hard they tried.They are lucky we haven’t wiped them off the face of the planet…yet. This can change at any moment, as Muslims are weak when it comes to combat, their religion gets in the way of carrying out anything, and the skill needed to do such an act properly and efficiently lies with the Infidels. We are a power house whose keg is just waiting to go off, so I would recommend to these ‘wannabe’ power pups to think before they start to follow the so called ‘commands’ of a ‘god’ who was some guy who was into kids.

  9. Good one. Only sane people have an aversion to de capitation. unless you are a left wing apologist and humanitarian who can clearly survive without a head.

  10. Yes the enemy fights dirty AF….buuuuuut, the gloves are about to come completely off…then yall gonna see a side of your veterans that you had no idea exisited….we WILL fight harder and dirtier and meaner than anything you could imagine! ROE get fucked….this will be America again, or nothing! If you like to bet….bet on the former boys n girls!

  11. Love it, Donald! Please, please, please, American people, put this man into the White House in November.

  12. I love the fact I’m Australian, but I kind of wish I was American just this once so I could vote for Trump!
    Fucking tea towel heads, they are really beginning to shit me

  13. Infidelphobia. Islamophilia (ala Douglas Murray’s book) Good old Donald. Gotta love him.

    Today is the Brexit vote in the UK. There are stories around that the MP Cox murder was a fifth column attack by the EU to turn folks against a leave vote.

    Then yesterday, London’s controversial mayor, a strong Trump opponent, publicly told people to vote to leave EU. Even more than the murder, that is strikingly the same as the murder of a Swedish MP under almost identical referendum circumstances, the London mayor endorsing Brexit will curse it. He has banned ads for bikinis and at a recent rally, men and women were segregated and he said nothing to correct it.

    As the US presidential campaign heats up, we should expect a similar false flag murder to try to turn Americans against Trump. Our enemy fights really dirty.

    • I cant believe people were even saying on camera, I was going to vote leave, but now I want to stay in the EU. Just because some lefty woman was shot. Idiots!

    • Actually, Boris Johnson, who I assume you’re referring to, isn’t our Mayor. Please get your facts straight. Our Mayor wanted to Remain in the EU, alongside the majority of educated people within the UK. Leaving the EU is the worst thing that could happen to the UK and anyone who supported Leave is an idiot with absolutely no future life prospects.

      • Oh, so now you are calling everyone who wanted to leave the EU “uneducated?” Well, I will call the people in London uneducated who voted in a radical Muslim slug, who thinks there are too many white people in London, as your new mayor. He also threatened Donald Trump and might live to regret that.

        As I said, run along, little girl.

        • Sorry but the people of London and the rest of the country for that matter, are all highly educated and are considered among the best brains that Britain has to offer. Unfortunately, they do not have one ounce of intelligence or, more importantly, common sense between them. They consist of the “Elite” of our society, the same elite that have been “guiding” us poor ignorant plebs into the maw of the EU that is ever devouring our rights and freedoms. Well, now we have told them where to get off and the fight for control of our country begins. They, as expected, are dragging their feet and muddying the waters to hide their usual duplicitous shenanigans and we are going to have to resort to the “old size 10’s” to get them to behave. I am hoping that the people take heart in the fact that WE WON the referendum and if we all stick together WE can MAKE THEM do as WE WANT and not as they wish. They are putting off implementing Article 50, which would then mean a long, drawn out process to get us out of the EU, at £50 million per day cost to Britain. We do not even need to use Article 50, as there is legislation in place that was created in 1972 that provides for INSTANT withdrawal of any member state. All they need to do is to enact this legislation and we are out, with no long drawn out procedures. Their behaviour however shows exactly how their mindset is structured and how they intend to string matters out to maximise their own benefits and the maximum pain for those who dared to usurp their authority, that would be me and all the other freedom loving British people.

          • TB, it’s the same here in the U.S. I just hope your so-called “elites” won’t find a way to reverse the results of this referendum,
            as jerks like Secy of State John Kerry think they will.

      • See that is your problem. Your ilk does not support “true democracy.” True democracy went into full on throttle action in the UK and they voted to leave. That’s the beauty of elections. People voice their opinions. The Brits left because they want their sovereignty, their unique culture to remain British. Tell your mayor to go fix potholes. It’s like this. At a festival you have main artists on main stages and the little upcoming bands or singers are on not so big stages. Your mayor needs to step off the global stage and fix dem potholes and who is he to want to cover up models advertising on public arenas?

        If people who support sharia law don’t want to see that then, well, go back to where you came from. You are a visitor in someone’s home.

  14. We agree, Donald! Btw, what is up with the Mudslimes and their decapitation obsession? All they seem to want to do is to cut human & animals heads off. Is it a sexual fetish?

      • Please do not insult Churchill. It is like comparing an intellectual giant to a single celled amoeba. He does not have the vocabulary or reasoning capability of the likes of Winston but he appears to be America’s best hope for it’s future avoidance of the liberal flood that has swamped the globe, demonising all who would question it. The only caution I would advise is to remember that he is on of those dreaded pariahs, known as a “business man” and they have been at the forefront of the headlong rush into the “globalisation” of their vested interests. If you invite a viper into your bed, make sure you have the serum that counteracts its bite because sooner or later, it will bite you.

  15. Trump arrived this side of pond to open new golf course & there are going to be protests by the ungrateful lefty lib arseholes because of his comments months ago.

  16. Muslims & liberals deserve each other may they both be tried,judged & executed along with the perverted,corrupt traitors who fill Our Country!

  17. Totally agree Donald tell the truth the media hate that, and i know you hate political correctness as i do.I hope you make the White House.

  18. I believe we all have this condition so it’s not that rare. Trump for President! Ban the muslims!

  19. If for NO other reason!!! Than his recognizing the horrendos danger isslime represents this man should be our president. Isslime is the entire worlds most onerous problem.

  20. So, Donald you suffer from ‘Decapitation-Phobia’… There is only one cure for that, you must become a Democrat… They have already lost their heads.

  21. Muslims are the most “phobic” people …. backward, primitive and “Nonislamophobic” …. they are to be feared …. because they are so afraid of everything and anything that isn’t theirs …. all the time ?