HOUSTON: The Muslim idea of community outreach means forcing you to learn what it means to be a Muslim

Local Muslims seem to think that dressing up a non-Muslim in an Islamic headbag is critical, coming at a time when debate on the mere presence of Muslims in American society has become a controversial part of the presidential race.

Houston Chronicle  At a “Know Your Muslim Neighbor” event at Freeman Branch Library, non-Muslims are asked to put an Islamic bag (hijab) on their heads as a way to foster understanding. (Understanding of what – male oppression?)

Non-Muslims have to don headbags. What do Muslims have to try on - bikinis, mini-skirts?
MUSLIM OUTREACH? Non-Muslims have to don headbags. What do Muslims have to don – bikinis, mini-skirts? No, with Islam, you must learn about their ways, they don’t want to know about yours because Muslims are supremacists and you are dirt.

Statistics say at least 70 percent of Americans, have never met a Muslim or anyone that identifies as a Muslim. That means the only information many people may receive about Muslims is from news media reports of terrorism.  “Islamophobia” is due to a mix of misinformation, confusion and fear about the security of the United States because of threats and attacks from radical Islamic groups (Which means there is nothing irrational about fear of Muslims so calling it a phobia is wrong)

Among its community outreach initiatives, the Islamic center regularly hosts an open house so the public can learn about the religion, tour a mosque and ask questions they may have. (And the more they learn, the more they will want to stay as far away as possible from Muslims)