Hey, Andrew, you are Muslim AND Mexican? Pack your bags.

“I am Mexican and I am Muslim and I am Trump’s biggest nightmare,” said 11-year-old vlogger Andrew. (Sorry cupcake, you are not his biggest nightmare, you are an insignificant cocky little diaperhead)


TeleSurTV  The fifth-grader from Texas says he feels like there are two strikes against him as a Muslim of Mexican heritage who lives in the United States.

Andrew first started his Facebook page with the help of his mother, Nahela Morales, when he was just seven years old. It started off as a way for Andrew to keep in touch with his friends back in Mexico, but now, as Andrew has become an expert at making and uploading videos himself, the 11 year old posts messages advocating for racial and religious tolerance and responding to xenophobic and racist comments in the news.

When Andrew heard about Trump’s plans to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., he got angry. “I did not agree with any of the words he said, not one bit. He is negative and nasty,” Andrew said. “I like everything Bernie Sanders says, I like the way he he gets on his hands and knees and submits to Muslims.”