UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Gay couple outraged over being humiliated by Emirates Airlines staff who asked them if they were brothers (because of same last name)

Humiliated? They are lucky they are still alive or not in jail. Why would any homosexual choose to fly on a Muslim-owned airline, much less identify himself as gay in a Muslim country? But that’s the left for you, everyone has to embrace their lifestyle.


Independent (h/t MZ)  A British gay couple say they were left feeling “humiliated” after airline staff asked if they were brothers, before they were allegedly shut in a secluded room for two hours and told they were no longer allowed on their flight.

Lee Charlton, 42, from Manchester said Emirates check-in staff laughed at him and his partner Jason when they confirmed they were a couple while travelling from Dubai to Durban with their son, Kieran. He said a woman working behind the check-in counter at Dubai airport gave him “quizzical looks” and summoned her manager after asking Mr Charlton whether either Jason or Kieran were his brothers.

Lee and Jason Charlton were held in a room in the airport for several hours
Lee and Jason Charlton were held in a room in the airport for several hours

The family were then allegedly shut in an airport back room for two hours without explanation told their documentation would not allow them to enter South Africa, according to Mr Charlton. Emirates said the delays had been caused by an error in the passenger’s paperwork and insisted the family had been invited to sit in one of the airline’s offices until the matter was resolved.

But the couple said they nearly missed their connecting flight and were forced to rush across the large airport to catch it just in time, despite originally having a three-hour stop over.

Mr Charlton told The Independent: “This was absolutely about our sexuality, there is no doubt about that. I was shocked, it was a horrible and stressful situation and I felt humiliated. (Consider yourself lucky that’s all you felt)


“We were very excited to travel long distance for the first time with our son Kieran and it was effectively spoilt by the staff from Emirates. “I came out as gay aged 16 and I have never encountered this kind of behaviour towards my sexuality in the 26 years since. (Have you been living in a cave since then?)

“The Emirates manager looked at our documents and then said we may not be allowed to travel. “Without a doubt we were treated in an aggressive and demeaning way, and I just don’t understand why Emirates, a huge international corporation, doesn’t give cultural training to its staff overcome these kinds of prejudices. (Their country, THEIR rules)

“I am really not one of these people to jump on a political correctness bandwagon, but I felt I had to say something.” Mr Charlton filed a lengthy letter of complaint to Emirates last Thursday and is yet to receive any reply from the airline.

“The whole thing has really left a sour taste in my mouth and I’d think twice about visiting Dubai again in the future.” Homosexuality is illegal in Dubai and foreign gay people have been handed jail sentences in the past.