FREXIT? If elected president, Marine LePen promises an EU referendum in France

Marine Le Pen has called for an EU referendum in France and other member states after Britain sensationally voted to ditch Brussels. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands concurs.


UK Express  Le Pen has promised France its own EU referendum on Wednesday, as she threw her weight behind Brexit just a day before Britons went to the polls. The National Front leader repeated her previous calls for a “Frexit” following the historic vote – which saw the Leave campaign win more than 52 per cent of the votes.  

She tweeted: “Victory to liberty! As I have been demanding for many years, we now need the same referendum in France and EU countries.” Her comments echoed those of her niece, Marion Le Pen, who called for the country to emulate the British Leave campaign’s success and leave the EU. 

She tweeted: “From #Brexit to #Frexit: It is now the time to bring democracy to our country. French citizens should have the right to choose!”