NEW YORK: Hispanic-American man threatens Muslims with pipe at Staten Island Islamic Jihad Indoctrination Center

Pay attention to the angry voice of the drama queen commentator, Steve Langford. I thought news readers were supposed to be objective?

CBS  A Staten Island mosque has found itself targeted with chilling threats – all coming from a man, Angel Mercado, 38, armed with a metal pipe. As CBS2’s Steve Langford reported, just as worshippers were leaving a Ramadan prayer service here at the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center in Tompkinsville late Thursday night, the imam noticed a man who looked angry rushing toward him.

“And he started right with the curses – ‘You ‘Fuckin’ Muslims. I heard you’re here to conquer us,’” said Imam Tahir Kukiqi. Families with children watched on as the suspect continued his rant at one of the biggest mosques on the East Coast. “He started making gestures – ‘I’m going to cut you. I’m going to cut you badly,’” Kukiqi said.