IRAQI exile says for America to be safe, “it must remove every single mosque and every imam and ban sharia”

al-rassooliIbn Q. al-Rassooli, an Iraqi exile and world-renowned authority on Islam and all its nuances, spoken word, and deceptions, is under constant threat of death (thus the disguise when in public) for his dedication to warning the West about what it must do to protect itself…before it’s too late.


RWW  On the “Stand in the Gap” radio program last week, Sam Rohrer and Gary Dull of the American Pastors Network interviewed anti-Islam activist, IQ al Rassooli, about the Muslim terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando earlier this month, which al-Rassooli asserted occurred because the shooter, Omar Mateen, was gay and was seeking to appease Allah in hopes that Allah would make him straight in the afterlife so he could enjoy his 72 virgins.

Every Muslim, al-Rassooli proclaims, secretly supports violent jihad and those who claim that they do not — like Barack Hussein Obama — are simply lying.  Polls purporting to show that many Muslims do not support the imposition of Sharia are false, he asserted, because those who insist they don’t are simply engaging in taqiyya.

“Every Muslim wants Sharia,” al Rassooli declared. “The 49 percent [who say they don’t] didn’t want to tell whoever is asking the question that they support Sharia. It’s a deception, it’s called taqiyya. Obama is all about taqiyya. He lies to protect Islam. Eight years he has been lying to protect Islam. Eight years. This is called taqiyya.”