WTF? Why is the Spokane, WA City Council promoting Islam to non-Muslim citizens?

And why they wasting people’s time reciting talking points from designated terrorist group CAIR as BNI readers will recognize in the speech that is being read by the fat broad at the podium.

Oh, this is rich, the Spokane Interfaith Council sends out an obvious gay man to introduce an educational video about the Spokane Islamic Center.

 Notice how women must use a separate entrance into the mosque and must sit far behind the men or in a separate room during prayers. They want you to think Muslims are super clean because they practice “ablution” – washing their hands and feet and body cavities before they pray…but they never use soap, only water. They say they are happy to answer questions so I wonder why the gay guy didn’t ask them which is their preferred method of execution as punishment for homosexuality under Islam?