Now that it is acknowledged that the BREXIT vote was the result of the Muslim invasion problem, not the economy…Muslim apologists in the media are out in force

SamBeeDearbornWrapped up in a Muslim headbag, Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee journeys to Dearbornistan, MI, the largest Muslim NO GO Zone in America, to show the world that Dearborn is just like any other American community where the only problem with terrorists are the anti-Islam Christian extremists.

Bee speaks with a mosque leader who tells her “we will definitely turn in a terrorist if we ever find any.” “We reported a child once but it turned out he had mental issues.” Then she talks with the Muslim Deputy Police Chief who tells her “we have never had any issues with terrorism in the community” except for one time when Christian “extremists” brought a pigs head to the Arab-American festival.
What he didn’t tell her was that the Christian protesters were physically attacked with rocks by Muslims and chased off the premises. A court ruled that the Muslims were responsible for the attack and the festival had to shut down permanently because they could not afford the liability insurance required to keep it going…an important fact that Samantha leaves out.
Of course, this liberal bitch gets in the requisite shots in at Donald Trump. But the mosque leader gets to give the well-rehearsed pro-America statement pulled out for mainstream media consumption only: 
“American Muslims love America, we love what our country stands for, we are proud of our country.”