UK: Firebomb takes out halal butcher shop

Islamic halal butcher shop was destroyed after someone hurled a petrol bomb inside, hitting one of the workers, but not seriously.


For any new readers to BNI, if you don’t know why someone would attack a halal butcher shop, scroll through the links here: HALAL SLAUGHTER

UK Metro  Police said a white man was captured on CCTV walking into the Kashmir Meat & Poultry and throwing a burning bottle filled with highly flammable ‘accelerant’. The man working there who was hit with the fire bomb escaped with just bruises, but the shop itself was gutted by flames.

Local people said they had no doubt the attack was related to the EU referendum result, which has sparked a string of racist incidents across the country. The horrific attack on the Muslim shop in Walsall, West Midlands, happened at 5.25pm yesterday, four days after Britain’s decision to leave the EU was announced.


Its front windows were blown out and the walls covered in black soot.Mary Walker, 67, from Pleck, said: ‘I am sure it will be related to the referendum result, I have no doubt. ‘I have overheard people making comments to Muslims that they should go home now.’

A local Muslim grandfather, who didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals, added: ‘We are thankful that no-one was seriously hurt but we could easily have been looking at a death. ‘The Muslim community around here is very much on edge at the moment.’

West Midlands Police did not confirm they were treating this as a hate crime, saying they were keeping an open mind about a potential motive.