Awwwww…The mosque where Orlando Muslim terrorist, Omar Mateen, attended claims to be receiving threats

fl-orlando-shooting-mateen-details-20160613The Fort Pierce Islamic Center attended by the Orlando Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen (right), who killed 49 people at a gay nighclub, is allegedly receiving threats and members say they are being intimidated, according to an Islamic group representing the mosque. (Got proof?)

Sun Sentinel  The mosque was visited by a motorcycle group Sunday that circled the building yelling at congregants, according to designated terrorist group CAIR. “They called it a ‘patriotic rally,'” said Wilfredo Ruiz, communications director for CAIR’s Florida chapter.
The messages left at the Fort Pierce Islamic Center had profanity, included racial slurs and alluded to physical harm, Ruiz said. He said people in the Muslim community — specifically those in the Fort Pierce area — are fearful that they might be attacked. (You reap what you sow, as they say) The mosque offered to pay law enforcement agencies for extra security, but they’ve been rebuffed. (Good, get your own security, the police don’t work for you)