HUNGARIAN Prime Minister blasts Brussels for Muslim invasion nightmare

In a furious speech,  said the EU’s power remains in its member states, not in its institutions such as the European Commission based in Brussels. He said: “Those 27 countries who remain part of the EU should practice self-criticism.”


UK Express  “If we want to restore the democratic nature of the EU, we should return to the thought that the base of the European Union is its countries and not its institutions. The European Union is not in Brussels, but in the 27, or – for the time being – in its 28 European capitals, that has got a co-operation centre in Brussels.

A staunch EU critic, Mr Orban also said the bloc’s failure to manage the Muslim  and warned further referendums could follow. “If the EU cannot solve the migration situation then such challenges as we saw in the case of the United Kingdom will increase.”

Mr Orban’s ruling Fidesz party has initiated a referendum of its own, to be held in September or October, on whether Hungary should reject any future mandatory quotas from Brussels to resettle migrants arriving en masse from countries such as Syria. Hungary has built a huge fence on its southern border to keep out Muslim migrants.