MINNESOTASTAN: Two Somali Muslim men dressed in fundamentalist Islamic garb were shot on their way to the mosque

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is demanding swift action to find those responsible. “Minnesota’s Muslim community is shocked and horrified over the incident that took place yesterday morning,” said CAIR Executive Director Jaylani Hussein.


CBS  They’re alleging that a white male made derogatory “anti-Muslim” comments. Walking up to their car, and displaying a pistol, saying he had a permit to carry. As the five drove away the attacker allegedly opened fire, striking two of the passengers.

“He made it pretty clear it wasn’t a case of misunderstanding or where someone felt threatened, it was an obvious attempt on their lives,” Burhan Mohumed, a friend of the shooting victims, said.

Today, CAIR called on police and the FBI to investigate the shooting, they believe was motivated by hate. “We’re asking all Americans to stand with us, all Minnestoans to stand with us and condemning this, it’s a hate crime, hate crime,” Hassan Jama with the Islamic Association of North America said. (Don’t hold your breath)

The most recent state data shows a big drop in bias motivated crimes – down about 40 percent. But one exception is crimes directed at Muslims – which are increasing.