As the world mourns the death of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel, the ‘Judenrat’ son of a close Hillary Clinton advisor trashes him

Max_Blumenthal_on_RT_AmericaAfter surviving the Holocaust, Wiesel was a strong supporter of Israel, which didn’t sit well with Max Blumenthal, a Nazi-like leftist who excoriated Wiesel for the so-called “fascists” he met with, i.e., Ted Cruz and Benjamin Netanyahu. Blumenthal has long been an apologist for the actions of Hamas.


Free Beacon  The son of a close adviser to Hillary Clinton praised the terrorist group Hamas and compared Israel to the terror group ISIS in a secretly recorded speech before an anti-Israel group.

Max Blumenthal, son of Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime Clinton adviser and failed war profiteer, is a far-left anti-American Jew and anti-Israel activist. The recording, obtained by the UK Telegraph, shows Blumenthal lauding Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel in candid language.

Max Blumenthal’s support for terrorism, the Telegraph reports, was one of the factors that caused the British government to rescind taxpayer funding for War on Want, a group that sponsors “Israel Apartheid Week” and other pro-Hamas events in Britain.