How Muslim youths like to “celebrate” Ramadamadingdong in the Netherlands

The Dutch town Hilversum has had more than enough of the terror caused by Muslim youths, most of them of North African origin. During the last two nights an employment agency was their target as security cameras show a group of 10 hooded Muslims throwing pavement stones to break windows.

Muslim youths attacking buses with rocks
Muslim youths on Netherlands attacking buses with rocks
The town has been suffering vandalism from this group for quite a long time, but during Ramadan, their terror activities ramp up. The mayor of Hilversum spoke out against the “Ramadan terror” against his town, which infuriated a group of Muslim whiners that call themselves “A group of conscious Muslims.” But residents live in fear because the police have yet to make any arrests despite the Muslim thugs being identifiable on CCTV cameras.