MUSLIM MAN STABBED AND SHOT TWICE by 3 suspects on his way to morning prayers at a Houston mosque

Designated terrorist group CAIR will of course be demanding it is designated as an anti-Muslim hate crime. But police seem to think it was a robbery, not a hate crime.



ABC  A Muslim doctor in Texas has been shot and stabbed while on his way to a mosque for morning prayers, local reports said.  The victim, identified as Arslan Tajammul, an eye specialist, had parked his car and was walking towards Madrasah Islamiah in the city of Houston, when he was approached by three men, according to KTRK.

Police say it was an attempted robbery outside the complex on Bintliff and De Moss, near Bellaire.

Mohammed Imaduddin, who worships at the nearby Madrasah Islamiah mosque, says Dr. Arslan Tajammul was on his way to the 5:30am morning prayers when he was approached by three suspects. One of those suspects shot Tajummul.

Tajammul made it to the front entrance of the mosque, where he collapsed. The doctor was able to give his cell phone to someone inside the front doors and asked them to call 911. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment. A friend who stayed with the doctor said he was shot twice, and will remain in ICU for 24 hours. He’s expected to survive.

Imaduddin says there were several children outside the mosque when the shooting occurred. Police say there is no indication this is a hate crime, but those who worship at the mosque are on edge.


“It is very scary right now given the current political climate,” Imaduddin says. “This is a community place, we have kids that come here, we have people young and old come here.” Eyewitnesses told police the three suspects ran off again on foot after the attack, and we have yet to get a good description of the suspects from police.

On Saturday, a Muslim man was also attacked near a mosque in Florida.