Remember the story about the London, Ontario woman accused of a ‘hate crime’ for allegedly spitting on a Muslim woman, punching her, and pulling off her headbag?

That’s right, you haven’t heard anything about it since the initial media ‘Islamophobia’ frenzy because (wait for it) the attacker turned out to be a Muslim woman from Iran.

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: LONDON, Ontario: Woman charged after shopper’s hijab pulled in Ontario supermarket

The Rebel  (h/t Liz) When police in London identified and charged the suspect, they only charged her with common assault—not anything “hate” motivated.

More curiously, they refused to name her, which is a stark departure from their usual practices, through which the names of anyone charged are released to the media. Even when asked by media outlets, police were tight-lipped.

The accused is 38-year old Sheila Shaidaie of London. We don’t yet know her motivations for the alleged assault, but we do know one thing: When she appeared in court, she had a Farsi interpreter.