WELL, LOOK AT THAT! Now bleeding heart Muslim invader sympathizers in Britain are making it even easier for Muslim rapists to pick out their next victim

BRITAIN – Home of the motherlode of stupid leftist ideas – #SafetyPin: A campaign to get you to wear a safety pin to show your solidarity with illegal alien Muslim invaders and the rest of the Muslim supremacists who are turning the city of London into an Islamic hellhole.


MW News  In the wake of last week’s Brexit vote, there has been a rise in hate crimes against immigrants, and now liberals feel the need to speak out against those opposed to the violent infiltration of their country. They have now come up with another utterly useless trend to show their feigned outrage towards those they perceive as “racists.”

Despite numerous rapes and physical attacks being committed by the barbaric Muslim immigrants flooding into countries across Europe, there are a startling number of halfwits who still support these invaders, legal and illegal, and defend their violent antics. Leftists are now banding together by wearing a safety pin on their clothing as a symbolic “anti-racism” gesture to show their solidarity with these violent invaders.

This “solidarity” is exactly what got Europe into the position they’re sitting in today. Despite what the left wants people to believe, there is no way to integrate people into a civilized 21st-century society who haven’t progressed past the ideals of the 7th century.

Huffington Post UK As an antidote to all the hate spouting out from people who now feel emboldened to take racist views that once would have been confined to their back gardens to a more public place like a bus-stop, someone has come up the idea of wearing a safety pin as a pledge of solidarity.

While I think it’s great – amazing, even – that people are protesting en masse against Brexit racism, and are saying it’s not okay, this isn’t how solidarity works. Although it is awful that racist attacks have increased, the reassuring difference between racism then and now – like when someone yelled Paki at me from a bus or called me a coloured piece of shit in school – is that social media and the ability to film an attack happening using your phone, is making it a far less safe place for racists. 

I think that racists keep on going unless they are challenged, and if the situation calls for it and I feel safe enough to do so, I will challenge them. (In the meantime, I will show them my safety pin?)