GERMAN politician kept quiet about her gang rape by Muslim men to avoid encouraging “racism” (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

cc74f9_1f808ac72d4749bfa8f57facce7b7992-1-e1462434174954Selin Goren, a 24-year-old politician and refugee activist, was sexually assaulted by the group last January in the city of Mannheim. After she was pushed to the ground, two men sexually assaulted her while a third verbally abused her in a foreign language – probably Kurdish or Farsi. 


UK Express  While initially struck by fear, she eventually fled after she bravely fought back. A member of the public who saw her in a distraught state soon afterwards called the police. 

However, despite the fact the men were Arabic in appearance, she told officers they were a “mixed group” of foreigners and locals and that they had all been speaking German.

She also said she had only been robbed and did not tell police about the sexual assaults. Ms Goren is a member of a left-wing group and is a passionate activist for refugee rights. 


She has also worked tirelessly to help refugees integrate into German society and has also visited a refugee centre in Iraq. (There you go, you are just begging to be raped again, you stupid leftie bitch)

She said when she spoke to police she was thinking about the protest march against racism and sexism that was due to take place in a few hours, as well as about the anti-migrant attacks which had been occurring in Germany following the New Year’s Eve sex assaults in Cologne. 


Adding to this, Ms Goren said the first question she was asked by police was: “Were they Muslim refugees?” She said this enraged her, so she replied no. 

She did tell them the real story, however, after she told her boyfriend what had happened that night and he convinced her to come clean.  She has now gone public with her story in Germany in an attempt to convince other women not to fear political correctness when reporting crimes. (hypocrite)