ISIS jihadists laughing and joking while a girl is heard screaming as she is being raped by one of their pals in another room

The girl’s screaming is a bit hard to hear over the laughing of these disgusting pieces of human sewage.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Brenda K)  One ISIS degenerate sits in the middle of the floor playing with his friend’s underwear (the friend who is raping the girl in the other room) and sipping from a small glass in what appears to be a living room. Two others are laughing at the seated man as he plays with the underwear.
Speaking in an Iraqi accent, the man on the floor says: ‘I went to Abu Aziz when he was shouting for his slave girl and I stole his clothes – now I came here and now he has no clothes. ‘I arrested his clothes (joke). ‘Now I’ll let him go out of the house naked with no clothes. This video is for my love Abu Aziz.’