SWEDEN: Politician says, “It’s worse when Swedish men rape women than when Muslim migrant men rape them”

Despite suffering numerous terrorist attacks and a growing number of “no-go” zones and “rape capitals” across their cities, multiculturalism-obsessed Eurocrats haven’t learned a thing. 


Truth Revolt (h/t Don S)  The latest case of leftwing psychosis concerns Swedish Left Party politician Barbro Sörman, who recently suggested that it’s far worse when Swedish men rape women than when migrants do it. 

Because, you see, when Swedes rape, they’re doing it despite believing in “gender equality.” Get that?  The Times of Israel shares Sorman’s fuzzy logic:

“The Swedish men who rape do it despite the growing gender equality. They make an active choice. It’s worse imo [in my opinion],” Sörman tweeted.

Sörman, a self-described socialist and a feminist, made the observation in response to what she claimed was excessive media focus on the fact that most of the rapes in Sweden are committed by immigrants.


She explained that Swedish men are brought up in a society that believes in gender equality and therefore should be held to higher standards than migrants, who come from cultures where women are treated as second-rate citizens.

After facing a storm of backlash, the Swedish politician canceled her Twitter account. 


The Times duly notes that Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, and that the rapists are disproportionately Muslim. “In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620,” the Times reports. 

“77.6 percent of the country’s rapists are identified as “foreigners” (and that’s significant because in Sweden, ‘foreigner’ is generally synonymous with ‘immigrant from Muslim country’), wrote conservative columnist Selwyn Duke. ‘And even this likely understates the issue, since the Swedish government — in an effort to obscure the problem — records second-generation Muslim perpetrators simply as ‘Swedes.’”

Of course some conservative politicians and activists are trying to right their country’s trajectory, but they are routinely labeled racists and swiftly dismissed. Meanwhile Sweden’s mind-numbingly suicidal leftists are still hell-bent on embracing their rapists and murderers at all cost. 


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  1. All rape is horrendous and for any woman to endure such a crime is a terrible thing. But I can say with certainty that rape by a western non Muslim is INFINATELY less horrendous than rape by a muslim regardless import or not. After being attacked by a muslim taxi driver (and getting away by force) in the UK I was grilled for hours about whether I would have used such force if he had been western. The answer is that I would have used force regardless but I would have done ANYTHING to get away from the Muslim attacker chanting Allah Akbar at me. I think most women would agree

  2. I said it before: Committing RAPE equals accepting DEATH PENALTY.
    No court cases needed, the victim (if still alive) will identify the perpetrator and the hysteria and anxiety involved is enough evidence.
    If the victim is deceased, any evidence (DNA, fingerprints and such) are enough also. No second appeal, no more oh-but-his-past bullshit, just immediate execution by a humane bullet in the back of his head. Dont wanna have his family the pleasure of mourning in an open coffin. If the perpetrator rapes minors, bring on the oil-drum, put him in there, close the lid and fill with water.
    This makes me so angry, and sad at the same time, and that our Western society with such high morals and standards does not act, is disgusting. Kill all rapist! Its genetic, its lack of respect for life. DEATH TO THE RAPISTS, NOW!

  3. I use the local YMCA pool. Actually there are 3 large pools, one small warm water pool and a jacuzzi and there are about 4-6 lifeguards on duty at all times. Even though they are young they are quite strict and keep control and calm. Aren’t there any lifeguards in Sweden?

  4. Being raped, by Western standards, by Western men, is horrible.
    But, being raped by Muslims (both immigrant/citizens and recent arrivals) adds a further level of disgusting loathsomeness, because of their ‘NOT US’ alien status. It’s a primal understanding for females about men who are ‘US’, and men who are ‘NOT US’.
    This, ‘NOT US’ added insult of the rape, is what makes that kind of rape so ESPECIALLY horrible. It has more and deeper layers of ugly.

  5. Before I left Norway in 1960 there were headlines an inch high on the front page of Verden’s Gang: “Nordstrand woman raped”. It was so unusual.
    OK, that was 56 years ago, and in Norway, not Sweden. But morally the countries were very similar, and I find it very difficult to believe that native Swedes have now joined the moslem filth, and have started to rape their own women en masse.

    All over Europe, the MSM are saying “Swedes”, “Englishmen” “Danes” etc., are raping European women, but in fact they are really migrants/refugees. No, not 80% migrants–100%!

  6. Some peoples blindness and refusal to accept what is right in front of them is the most frightening thing ever I think.
    Poor girls having to deal with this shit unsupported by their own government or Police. DISGUSTING!!!

  7. A Somali Muslim in Sweden raped a white woman to death. 20 ‘refugees’ — Muslims, Raped an 11 yr-old white girl in a public bath.

    Most of the rapes in Europe are committed by Muslims OBEYING Quran commands to RAPE NON-MUSLIMS.

    Muslims Highly Revere the paedophile founder of Islam, Barbaric Mass Murderer of Non-Muslims and Serial Rapist and Huge Sex Slaver of Non-Muslims. Mohammed is regarded as the PERFECT MAN by Muslims.

    Our Evil, Traitor leaders are cognisant of all these facts and continue to demonically import Millions of the Soldiers of Allah – Huge Muslim Rape Armies into our nations…

    There’s No Greater Hate than the Satanic Hate which Seeks to Utterly Destroy Our Culture and White Christian Nations.

    Hitler’s goal of a Europe Super State ruthlessly ruled by Germany failed but is being achieved via wicked EU leader, Germany’s Merkel .

    The Rabidly anti-Christian, Racist White-Hater EU have Terrifying plans for Europe’s white Christians. Form Defence Groups. Immediately.


    French President Nicolas Sarkozy Calls For WHITE GENOCIDE !!!

  8. ALL rape is horrible! Rape by a sub-human mudslime invader is worse than by a Swede because of the increased risk of disease transmission and, if it results in pregnancy, the creation of a demonic monster.

  9. Every one of our leaders and everyone who helped massively import Muslim savages into our once Safe, Happy, Free nations will BURN IN HELL For All Eternity.


    To prevent Satanic Filth from Raping more victims, our Merciful God gave the Death Sentence for kidnappers/rapists.

    Every rape is a kidnapping where Filthy Monsters — Satan’s Spawn, seize their victims, hold them against their will and rape their victims.

    Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    On Judgement Day, Rapist Fiends will receive the proper punishment they richly deserve — All Eternity Spent in Hell. God is Holy.

    Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

  10. I can’t help but wonder if she has a point. I believe Sorman may be of the same ilk that a professor from a Seattle university asked an Israeli army reservist if he knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. He answered that as far as he knew, none.

    She triumphantly responded that he was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.” So this may be a case where being a non-rapist makes you more of a racist than if you were a rapist.

  11. When the war in the streets starts these rapist laughing murderers will see Hitler as a lady boy compared to what we will do to men who even look sideways or touch our women. Feminists can fuck off.
    Real women deserve to be protected and respected.
    Governments will be responsible for this too so why not sell their precious daughters to abdullah akmed bollox and see how they feel

  12. Stupid Sorman needs an education on rape. It has nothing to do with “gender equality”, or the poor dears being sex deprived, it is all about power! Besides, migrant rape is actually worse for 2 reasons:
    1. The migrants are more disgusting.
    2. In the migrants home country, death would be their sentence. They know this is serious.

  13. Excuse me rape is rape!!! Is this dumb politician going to excuse moslems for everything? Lets see if you do domestic violence its not too bad if a moslem migrant does it, or if a moslem migrant kills someone its not as bad. Utter stupidity.

  14. Liberal retarded logic. I’m pretty sure Swedish men don’t kill the women by stoning for being raped like Muslims would.

  15. Wake up Sweden if the politicians do not do anything time to have civil war then clean out these vermin then start with the lefty parties and anyone who supports Islam

  16. Poor Ms. Krantz. Someone’s beautiful and kind daughter murdered and dumped like rubbish. I am not so heartless that I could ever engage in schadenfreude over such a tragic and vile murder. Her parents, family and friends must be heartbroken. Still, I must say, they don’t call it Stockholm syndrome for nuthin. These invaders are straight from the depths of Hell by way of N. Africa and the Middle East. How can letting savages into Sweden be profitable — as the law says: cui bono, who benefits? I don’t understand such self-immolation.

  17. Only 80 – 90% of rapes are committed by Muslims? I bet the figure is higher as the leftist victims (sadly) protect the perpetrators (as we know from other articles). I expect the figure is about 98%

    • And it seems that “the west” is more concerned about the remaining “2%”…. The poor muslims are being robbed of a few extra rape victims!!! I would like to see some statistics on the “punishments” given to the 2 “groups” of rapists!!

  18. Its going to get much much worse in the months to come!!!! These 3rd world savages cannot be controled, educated or governed!! Not even by their own people at their much lower standard!! The average IQ of africans on the entire continent was tested at around 70!! This means that about 50% of the african population are even below that!!! In the Western World, an IQ of below 75-80 is considered by many as mentally retarded!!!! Hense the fact that the entire population of the african continent are mental retards!!!! Add to this IQ problem the muslim factor and you get total chaos!!! Yet the “West” keeps on importing these savage muslim retards!!!!

    • Yup Fox, and mix all that with a “religion” that the pitiful fools are told they are born into and cannot leave. Then put millions of them in abject hopeless poverty, and teach them to hate literally everything, and then jam them in among other societies who are willingly ignorant of who and what they represent and you have a hot mix from hell.

  19. This is a feminist??? Let’s fix her up first with a migrant who rapes her and beats her senseless and then with a native swede who rapes her and beats her senseless!!! Give her the opportunity to make a real life comparison!! This defies all logic!! Rape is a violent act, forced oral copulation, forced anal penetration, etc. It’s not a tryst gone bad!! Throw in some foreign objects and let her compare between the two!! What a worthless pos she is! If anyone deserves the experience, it’s her! I choked on my drink when I read this!!! If this is an example of the stupidity prevalent within socialist feminism, WHY the hell are they given any recognition? Excuse the language, but what a stupid cunt!!!!

    • If you’re still surprised by this then I assume you haven’t read through Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone yet. No reason to buy it…. University libraries have multiple copies of it.

      Then again maybe I should recommend against reading this because you’ll probably feel like strangling someone, if you don’t already.

  20. I really hope Sorman gets a real good migrant rape experience, one that will change her ignorance and arrogance.

  21. Perhaps if the totally idiot sorman’s was raped by a gang of muslums she would get it. To be raped by any monster is equal to being raped by any other monster. sorman’s logic defies intelligence. Perhaps she would like to test her idiototic non sensical diabolique logic. Is sorman inbred or brain dead? Surely she can not be a politician of any party.

  22. Spoken like someone who either loves to be corn holed or never has been raped. I dunno about you but if someone rammed their pee pee up my butt I wouldn’t be trying to classify who’s pee pee was worse to be forced up there. I would simply rage and pluck their eyes out with my thumbs as I smashed their skull into a mush as a normal reaction to being violated in a way that would change me forever. If that was my daughter they would have hell to pay and if they did to someone I knew’s daughter I would help them adjudicate a solution for principal. These stories are horrible but at least B.N.I.. has the heart to tell what we should be told.I said this before,SEX CHANGES WITH DOUBLE D BREAST IMPLANTS FOR MALE MUSLIM SEX OFFENDERS OR FEED THE ALIVE TO STARVING PIGS.

  23. Why is that, the stupid retarded bitch think that black pud is better than white ?

    There should be a list of lefty females and it is given to a—dulls, then ab—throttles the sluts who they are breeded out .

  24. WTF??? this bitch Ms. Barbro Sorman does not get it. Rape is wrong , period. Besides the muslime dudes may kill the women before or after rape

  25. These freaky scary socio/commie people make me ever more sure that evolution is a lie, there has not been enough time for a human brain to become that dysfunctional.