AUSTRIA: Welfare dependent Afghan Muslim refugee couple with nine children now are requesting tax-payer funded IVF treatment so they can add to their litter

happy muslim family expecting the babyFROM APRIL 2016: When a Muslim couple left Afghanistan with their nine children, ages 5 – 20, two of whom are severely disabled (due to inbreeding no doubt) to seek asylum in Austria, they were approved and immediately began receiving $6,406 each month in welfare, according to Kronen Zeitung. Now, despite the fact that none of the four adults are seeking employment, they want more children, and expect Austrian taxpayers to pay for it.


UK Daily Mail  Two of their children have disabilities so severe that doctors believe they would die without medical treatment. But the couple remain determined to have a tenth child and have turned to Austria’s IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization) fund to cover the cost.  The woman, who is now 44 according to her identification documents, wants a larger family but is struggling to become pregnant at her age.

The story has sparked outrage in Austria after it was revealed that the family is being paid the equivalent of $6,400 a month in benefits.According to local media, the woman had been advised that because of her age, there was a limited chance of success – but the pair insisted on going ahead with the attempt.


Each month, the family receives $3,201.80 for two parents and seven minor children, $944.47 for the two adult children who still live with them, and $2,260.17 in government allowance, all without any of the four adults even trying to find work. This comes out to a yearly income of $76,877.40.

Under Austria’s IVF Fund Act 1999, subsidies cover 70% of treatment costs for a maximum of four cycles in eligible clinics. In some instances the health service will refuse to pay, with the age of the woman being one grounds for refusal. But regardless of who pays for the actual IVF, the state will still pay for all of the proprietary work including hospital stays, blood tests, sperm tests and various gynecological costs. 

But this is not a rare circumstance among the hordes of Muslim economic freeloaders posing as refugees flooding the West.  In America, a Somali refugee family of 14 (below) collects welfare in Lewiston, Maine. Around 98% t of Muslim asylum seekers will not work.