Police are investigating hate-filled graffiti on a Muslim car…probably put there by a Muslim looking for sympathy by playing the popular Muslim Victim Card game

64335648_8696526747234259568_n-viGardenea Al-Faham woke up  to find a swastika and the word ISIS keyed into the hood of her Hyundai. “It was pretty scary for me. I mean, I never thought this would happen to me one day or to any Muslim woman.  And it’s not fair because not all Muslims are bad.” 

NWCN  Al-Faham says she has no idea who might be behind the attack. (Take a look in your mosque) The swastika is upside down which usually indicates a Muslim scratched it into the car. Why does a non-story like this make it onto TV News? I smell CAIR in the background.