SWEDEN has decided to ditch a plan to hire a luxury cruise liner with theatre, gym, and swimming pool to house up to 1,800 Muslim invaders at a cost of $84,000 per day

Sweden’s migration board said yesterday that it will not host Muslim economic freeloaders posing as asylum seekers aboard a luxury cruise vessel owned by a US-based Swedish shipping magnate, claiming that it was unable to secure the necessary permits.

OCEAN GALA would have been home to nearly 1,800 Muslim freeloaders
OCEAN GALA would have been home to nearly 1,800 Muslim freeloaders

The Local  The number of people seeking asylum in Sweden tripled in 2015, with nearly 163,000 applications sought by December 2015. “Never before has Sweden received such a large number of asylum seekers,” according to Migrationsverke, the Swedish Migration Agency.

That’s why they wanted to lease the giant cruise ship that could provide bed and board for 1,790 migrants – about the number arriving in the country every single day at the height of the crisis.

Will the dining room be halal-compliant?
The dining room would have to be halal-compliant

Authorities are facing an acute shortage of places for asylum seekers after more than 163,000 arrived last year alone, forcing officials to lodge them in gyms, campsites and warehouses and even at disused nuclear shelters.

Sweden had signed a deal with Floating Accommodations to lodge 1,800 asylum seekers aboard the Ocean Gala, a floating hotel that was formerly a cruise ship called the MS Scandinavia.  ‘Those who are going to stay in the boat will of course be a bit cramped in the cabins, so it is really important that we arrange for them to have large common areas outside,’ he told MailOnline.

And a swimming pool, perfect for raping young girls on the ship
The swimming pool, perfect for raping young girls on the ship

‘But having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.’

Oh, a bar, that should keep the Muslim freeloaders busy
Oh, a bar, that would have emboldened even more Muslim rapists

“Our deal was dependent on the procurement of all of the necessary permits. This was not the case and the deal is therefore null and void,” said Magnus Gustavsson, the official responsible for the project at Sweden’s migration authority Migrationsverket, in a statement.

Shipping magnate Kjell Tandberg accused the government of “refusing to pay” to hire the ship because the asylum seeker housing crisis had begun to ease, insisting that he should be paid 800,000 Swedish kronor ($93,786) per day.

Somali Muslim invaders make a lot of demands in Sweden:

Sweden has been evicting native Swedes from their homes to make room for the Muslim invaders: