When I started this blog, I wondered if I could find enough interesting new stories to post everyday. Eight years and more than 120 million visitors later, that is no longer a problem. Eight years ago, I believed that blogs like this one would have become irrelevant by now. I was wrong.

How BNI’s look has evolved over the years:

bare-naked-islam bni



In 2012, my former webhost WordPress took BNI down because designated terrorist group CAIR demanded it. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer generously came to my defense, but my biggest supporter at the time was Kevin Dugan from the website HILLBUZZ:

Muslims Have Hacked and Attacked “Bare Naked Islam” Again



BNI is always on CAIR’s Islamophobia list. Here’s the CAIR write-up on BNI:

Bare Naked Islam

Bare Naked Islam attempts to rebrand the Islamophobia movement as an exercise in political correctness. According to their website, “The ‘religion of peace’ is a concept the West is eager to embrace – all in the name of political correctness” and that Islam is protected by a “shelter of religious freedom.” The site regularly features discussions promoting violence against Muslims. Bare Naked Islam is in the elite inner core of the U.S. Islamophobia Network.


If you have never donated to Bare Naked Islam, please consider making a small donation via Paypal in the sidebar.  The security costs that keep this site from being hacked (International Muslim hackers try to take this site down hundreds of times every single day) are astronomical every month. For those who have donated and/or donate every month, I cannot thank you enough.



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  1. Happy birthday BNI and thanks for all the hard work. I wish the Western world was still muslim free just like in the good old days but it’s not, so in this day and age it is important to have websites like yours to help spread the truth. Let us hope the future brings us all better news.

  2. Happy eighth birthday BNI! If it makes you “breathe” any better, I broke a rib recently as well! :>)

    Very painful so take it easy…

    • I broke 4 ribs several years ago and the recovery was much longer. I don’t think the breaks were that bad, because after 2 weeks
      I started to feel pretty good. Can’t wait to ride again.

  3. Dear Bonni, I am late in wishing you HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY!! Can’t remember how, or exactly when I found you, but I’m so grateful I did. Your posts have taught me so much about this EVIL. I had NO idea! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! XOXOXOX

  4. Bonni – what you are doing here is completely brilliant. Who knows how many would be converters to Mobotism would have apostised if they couldn’t read the truth. To celebrate your birthday I liberally placed bacon products amongst the Hell-al products in my local supermarket. Many more of “em

  5. Thanks BNI for fighting the good fight for us. What you do is a great service to humanity. Still a lot of work to do. May God be with you and your family. Long live BNI.

  6. I am proud to have been a part of BNI in the early days, both as a commenter, and having the privilege of designing one of the old banners. Islam was a threat then and is no less a threat today. “Phobia” is defined as an irrational fear of something. I have no irrational fear of Islam, I have my eyes open and can fully recognize the threat that Islam is to mankind. That is hardly a phobia.

    • Frankie! Where the hell have you been? We’ve missed you. Thought you might have gone down for that final dirt nap. You have to check in here once in a while. OK?

      • Being retired, I have chosen to put much of my time into supporting the Cadre and their families at one of the Army’s most rigorous Special Operator Schools. I get to meet, mingle with, and enjoy much time with these heroes. The wives and children have given up much in support of their man too. I have a 150 yard shooting Range with targets of Radical Islamists, as well as common targets, that I use every single day at least once. I shoot multiple weapons, in various scenarios, staying proficient I have 2 dogs that weigh a total of 230 pounds, as my early warning and protection service. I surely will be back, and able to offer my thoughts on these great posts.

  7. Thanks BNI.
    I don’t hate muslims. I don’t love them either. When I look at a muslim he/she looks like a human to me just like myself. I don’t wish to hurt them or disrespect them. All that I know is that I was born into a Christian family in a muslim country. Some of the early lessons that my parents taught me when I went to school was that never insult muhammad or they will kill you. In fact my father taught me how to pronounce muhammad’s full name in arabic which helped me a lot during my school days since we were supposed to study Islamic history in school. After living with muslims for many years I have a first hand experience of islam and muslims and with all my heart i don’t want any free country to become the victim of islam. I don’t exactly remember how I came to know this site but it is the greatest site that i ever discovered. I cant write anything on islam that you don’t already know. I want to let you know that you are a brave human being who has the courage to stand up against evil. You will be remembered for your service to humanity.
    May God be with you. Long Live BNI.

    • CM, we would love to hear about your experiences of living as a Christian in a Muslim nation. We rarely have people here like you and we don’t know much about what they have had to endure to survive. Feel free to enlighten us.

  8. Thanks always for all you do, B!

    Remember to contact me if/when you come to Las Vegas!

    Hope you’re well-recovered from the unpleasantness recently!

    Signed, GuitarMark in Las Vegas

  9. Dear BNI,

    Congratulations! In a few words, what you do is a heroes work, I am sure that you help millions of persons know the truth, what you do is changing the world, no kidding, let’s keep going, dear BNI you will never be alone.

    Let’s go!!!

  10. Hi Bonni, happy birthday. I came across your site by accident whilst accessing anti Muslim information sites. I then lost track of who/what you were actually called and cursed myself for not bookmarking it. I was so annoyed as you were and remain the most informative site. Can’t tell you how relieved I was to find you again.
    I am aware some of the information is gleaned from similar sites, but hey, what they don’t have is your witty narrative, which makes me lol at times and of course the Grumpy one. I appreciate it’s not a healthy situation to be dealing day in day out demoting the misery of Islam, but you somehow are able to. First site I go to every morning, last one I visit each night. Bless you.

  11. I may not comment very often, but bni is pretty much the only reason I have a smart phone with Internet. Thank you Bonnie. You are very appreciated by many

  12. How time flies, already eight great years and getting better with time (like red wine).
    I can say I saw all four logos go by. I was a lurker for a while and enjoyed your style that reflected my thoughts.

    You gave me the courage to speak out about dangerous Islam. Everybody I meet, I talk about Islam. It’s incredible but it’s like I open the floodgates and everybody is aware of insidious Islam. I then proceed to briefly educate them and they all listen.

    BNI: It’s a privilege to know you. May God keep you healthy in the pursuit of your mission. Long Live BNI !

  13. BNI is on my Yahoo opening page. It is my first though when I log on. As I read the posts, it impacts my morning mood. Sometimes the site is heavy with ‘bad news’, and I am somber, and deep in though – or just righteously angry. But, sometimes, when there are those little jewels of ‘good news’, it lifts my spirits, and really brightens my day.
    Thanks Bonni, for the roller coaster ride experience that is BNI.

    Oh, yeah, BNI is listed on my credit card statement as simply ‘Bare Naked’ – just as if it were a porn site. 🙂
    SUBSCRIBE everyone!

  14. Happy Birthday to Bare Naked Islam!


    This is one of the most informative, shoot-from-the-hip sites about just how DANGEROUS Islam is to modern society. I am glad I found it, even if I cannot remember HOW I found you.

    Keep up the good work and continue to LOCK AND LOAD against Islam!

    HH in Texas

  15. WTG Bonni. I found this blog from a poster on a disqus reply. While I have not been here long, I have certainly appreciated all the work you do to provide vital information. I only wish I could post more.

    Thank you for all you do.

  16. Happy 8th Birthday, Bonni! When I first came on this blog from Google Search a couple of years ago, I had some knowledge of Islam but the more I read on this site the more knowledge I obtained. I save every single one of your emails in one of five email folders so I can prove to naysayers what islam is doing. I also regularly go to youtube comments and tell sheeple to go to your site. I do spread the word about your newest news to my neighbors, friends and family. I love recieving every email from you and it is as valuable as a rare gem. I am probably nearing the 1000 mark to saved emails. Yours is the first I read before any other email. I also like learning about you through your comments, if we could meet in real life, I would love to be best friends with you and your husband! (And your horse because I love horses) Thank you for all your hard work that you do into making these blogs. You are the best and so are many of your regular contributors and commenters.

  17. I donated $25 just now. I hope that helps. I love your site.

    I’m glad there is the option of donating with debit card. I’ve tried PayPal but haven’t had success.

    We love you Bonni! Please give us updates on your recovery from the horse fall now and then. Thanks!

  18. You’re in the list of top 10 modern-day American patriots in my book. In the last 8 years, Europe has been all but conquered. (By the way, is BNI banned in much of Europe? I would imagine it is, knowing how leftist their govts. are.) I only wish BNI were a TV station or podcast

  19. Congratulations on your 8th anniversary, Bonni!! Although I’m a newer BNI fan, I truly appreciate all the hard work you do. I post a lot of your information on my own blog, and of course, reference it back to you. You’re the FIRST site I look at every day!! Bonni, keep up the great work!! I know it’s hard, but you’re educating people every day of the cancer called ‘Islam’!!

  20. Congrats BNI, you are my daily dose of the real truth re: mislime. Been a loyal reader for ever, thank you for the truth, God bless.

  21. I first stumblef upon this blog years ago, one of the few people or groups reporting on & fighting Islamic world domination. Good job & Keep up the good work!

  22. WARRIOR PRINCESS Bonnie, Thank you so very, very much for your heroic, urgently needed, vitally important contribution in the Fight for Freedom against the Forces of Great Darkness that threaten all non-Muslims everywhere.

    God Bless and Keep You Safe Always, Surrounded with God’s Guardian Angels,


  23. Thank You for your tireless devotion to the truth!! Please keep it coming until we no longer have need of it. I’m tired of tv papers ect not reporting ANYTHING on refugee crisis in America or the world all we hear is if Islam was offended!! Thank you

  24. Yep and ISIS and the Muslims are here compliments of the SOROS groupies…the Clintons, the Bush family, the fake Obama family, aka Soetero…HRC instrumental in the movement of assault weapons with the help of the ATF into Mexico and beyond; Comey is a part of this – never think he is not…the awful carnage in TX is a result of all the above and the HATE speeches put out by Obama and his ilk.

  25. Long live site, hbday and hope the grumpy cat still reigns supreme. ps. any updates on the current dallas shooting if it “islamic errorist” related?

  26. Wow! What a great successful story. BNI will be recorded in the electronic history books for tabling the truth about anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

    The truth lives forever and cannot ever be erased by humankind.

    Congratulations BNI. Excellent! A great effort for the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’.

      • Yes BNI,

        I didn’t join you until late 2010, because before I retired, I owned an Educational Bookstore in Grafton, working long hours, and one of my objectives was selling books about Islam and handing out photocopies of highlighted texts from the Koran.

        Grafton is a very strong Christian City, and I upset a lot of Christians, some even boycotted me, because they didn’t want to know about Islam or the Koran.

        I began first as a Junior Executive in 1984 & later as a Senior Executive in 1988 thereafter, in Manufacturing Companies and amongst family and friends speaking against Islam, after I read the Koran in 1984. I took a lot of rejection resistance, but I am glad, I never lost heart and gave up, even though I lost friends & relatives as a consequence of my stand.

        I gradually won some over to oppose Islam.

        Finding you on the Internet, BNI, gave me the confidence to continue pushing my convictions into old age and for that inspiration, I thank you.

  27. Congratulations Bonni on your courage, persistence, and tenacity in keeping the site up, and the truth published for all to see! I stumbled upon your blog probably in your first year or so. I’m a news junkie and saw a headline about an “honor killing”, in my state, which disappeared almost immediately. Curious I pursued the term, and learned about the true horror that is Islam….which brought me to your site. I’d studied Islam in the past, unaware I had read just the few “nice” parts of the qur’an. I’ve been to other blogs of course, but yours is much better than any I’ve seen and I share it daily several ways. I truly appreciate your valiant heart, both in looking at horrific scenes that HAVE to be shown but are so evil and hear trending only the most heroic and undaunted could bear to sift through and then publish them, and I applaud the effort of the daily consistent grind in doing so. I’ve also seen the many efforts to shut you down and silence your voice.by the misanthropic, Muslims, and well-intentioned cowards of western civilization. WELL DONE! Well done Lady…you’re a bright light in a darkening world, and we are edifices by your hard work. Thank you so much for all you do, from the bottom of my heart.

    • I still think it’s the immense anger that never leaves my mind which began on 9/11 (where a good friend of mine was murdered in the North Tower) that has motivated me to keep going all this time. Thanks for the kind words.

  28. This blog and Refuge Resettlement are on top of the current events in the infiltration of the muslim scum.

  29. I stumbled across your site by accident. I saw a site called bestgore and couldn’t believe all the heinous executions and the site was more like a news thing since I really didn’t want to see them but really read the captions behind the pictures and told people how we’re not being told dirty secrets internationally that we need to know for instance like the muslim problem in Thailand that’s hushed to get tourists money when they visit. I found B.N.I.googling muslim executions and once I saw your site with some of the very video footage from best gore I knew that this is a fountain of truth and news. Further more my spidey sense was tingling in Houston since they are flooding my area with these bag heads, a lot of them .look dangerous if you go drive by the hookah shops off voss rd and harwin. Furthermore your little pi siting quaranic verses about killing us come in useful when I copy 20 or 30 of them and drop them like leaflets around muslim infested public places so the bag heads know people around are wise to them and the ignorant masses can see and research if they believe these fliers are lying. I tell people about the site to and use the site as a conversation starter if a smart phone is handy. Thank you for all the work you do and Thank you for telling the truth. Happy anniversary and thank you being responsive to emails. You are my main go-to news source above t.v. Thanks and Respect.,

  30. I have updated my monthly donation through PayPal. My Debit card was changed sometime ago and I don’t believe you’ve been getting my monthly donation.
    The Muslim Romance Trilogy has been banned by my own self-publisher and the first two books taken down from all sales sites. I am working diligently to get them back up for print-on-demand through CreateSpace. I refused to be censored, thus Abbott Press punished me! They also took down my blog. Here is my Amazon book page:
    Keep up the good work


    You, alongside websites such as http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ and https://www.jihadwatch.org/, are the best reference to really know what is going on.

    I would like to take this opportunity to offer as a gift what I consider to be a solution to the problem of Islam.

    It is for the Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

    Take the Quran and read it from anywhere and replace the following words using this scheme:


    Allah = The Emperor
    الله = الامبراطور

    Ummah = The Arab Empire
    أمة = الإمبراطورية العربية

    Islam = Doctrine to expand and consolidate The Arab Empire (disguised as a religion)
    الإسلام = عقيدة لتوسيع وترسيخ الإمبراطورية العربية (متنكرا في زي الدين)

    Mosque = Military Barrack
    مسجد = ثكنة عسكرية

    Iman = Military Instructor
    إيمان = مدرس العسكري

    If you want to expand to other words in the Qur’an and give them their true meaning, go ahead.

    Than you so much and please keep up the excellent job you make everyday.

  32. Happy Anniversary, BNI!!! I’m sending you some support and good wishes for all the hard work you do. I truly appreciate you and this site!!!

  33. Congratulations Bonni Mr B and special to GRUMPY CAT who has adopted BNI cats choose wisely.Remember when BNI was feeling way down a couple of years back and things were not going so well but tenacity came in and you kept going with the odd horse fall but you never gave up Thank God you never did and the so called light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.The Australian election has shown that some people are finally becoming aware of Islam and one of the idiots has made threats to the Prime Minister as well as a number of media commentators.They are certainly pushing the wrong people thanks to BNI and your followers Million Thanks and God Bless your toughness

    • Thanks SK. I was so happy to see Pauline Hanson rise again. I liked her very much when she was running for office the first time but then she seemed to drop out of site. She was the target of a lot of hatred. Now, if you can only get rid of Turnbull.

      • Pauline is very good. So many people I know voted her. Nobody voted Turnbull. He has to go. They are saying Abbott would have lost – rubbish, he would have won hands down.
        The Australian people have woken the lion and its roaring. We have had enough of the PC governments. Pauline will do well. I wished she followed you, as she needs to get more educated of the filthy followers of Islam.


    Bonni you have done well. I believe this coming year is going to be the best anyone can imagine, exciting and full of surprises and Love. We here appreciate your tremendous effort for keeping this site open and running.

    This a family of very smart people that have come together over the years to bring the truth to the world. Because of you Bonni, it has prospered as a site known world-wide and feared by the Enemy. That makes me feel good.

    Love this site ICE

  35. Thankyou Bonni from all your supporters from downunder,you and many others give us citizens a voice where our traitor governments try to silence us.

  36. From Australia, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Personally, every time I want to know the truth, I come to this site. You are the best Sensei! You are honest and brave. We owe you a lot.
    Thank you doesn’t even cut it.
    We love you, we adore you, we honour you.

  37. Congrats BNI !!!

    I would’ve bet that you were much older than that… your hard hitting Truth has been not only an inspiration for me… but a irrefutable source for others to learn about islam.

    Keep up the good work!

  38. Mazel tov and toda for all you do. Keep going. We need more people who will stand up. I must say, that with all the people that i have shown your site to, with all the beheading videos of muz beheading INFIDELS, only two people in all these years have actually said: OH I SEE! I DO! Most people, even confronted with the truth, pretend they didn’t see it.

    • Thanks Jose. I just took down the Category on Beheadings that I had here because it got corrupted somehow. When you clicked on the Category heading “Beheadings” it went to a different website. I will wait awhile before I decide whether or not to put it back up. People seem pretty unaffected by beheadings anymore, after seeing so many of them.

  39. I know the amount of time and work involved in maintaining this sort of website, so thank you Bonni for your devotion to the dissemination of truth – the essential foundation of all freedom.

    Without that I would have remained ignorant I am sure, of the true state and face of evil in the world today for the simple reason that the mainstream media in all countries continually and determinedly either lies outright or lies by omission.

    My upbringing as a child in post-WW2 England, with a first-class private education at a strongly Church of England school, taught me little about Islam. That simply was not on the radar for English people at all and was of no interest or concern in those days.My interest in religion of any sort was, shall we say,casual at best!

    Today I see religion – all religion, even that which claims to be a religion but is not – as a threat to all people when faith is taken to extremes of irrationality. But especially I see the cult of Islam as the great and imminent, ever-present threat and that understanding has come about post-9/11 after a great deal of personal research. Your website has been a key node in that research, illustrating as it does the ongoing daily inherent intolerance, savagery and evil in that pseudo-religion.

    There is and must be a great realignment of politics and the ethos behind politics throughout this world. History has shown that such realignments occur in cycles which can swing to the diametric opposite of what pertains today. We have seen for instance in Germany a widespread and decades-long reaction to the Nazi horror based on race and supremacy, grow to the point where many in Germany welcome their soon-to-be destroyers with open arms. That is a ‘swing too far’.

    However I feel that we are on the cusp of a (hopefully) satisfactory realignment when I observe the rise of what are decried as ‘right wing’ parties in Europe and the US. Personally I would rather describe them as ‘right-thinking’!

    Keep up the good fight!

    • Stewart, I was totally ignorant of everything Islam until 9/11. When an Arab doctor and his family moved in next door to where I grew up, we referred to them only as Arabs and never as Muslims. They were very unfriendly – when my mother baked them a cake to welcome them to the neighborhood, they took the cake and slammed the door in my mother’s face. I guess they knew we were Jews.

      I never understood back then why they seemed so hostile to my cute little dog.

      • You know Bonni, I hate to hear this fight framed in religious terms, as is often the case in the ignorant and dishonest media.

        I do not believe that it is a ‘battle of religions’ as per the Crusades etc. were supposed to be – which episode had more to do with loot than anything else! Not to mention the guarantee by the Pope of a place in Heaven, where have I heard that sort of thing before?

        I see it as a fight against forced dilution of national identity and culture across European countries – the very countries which, through centuries of struggle and gradual enlightenment, brought what we term civilisation to this world – and against colonisation by people with little or no valid contribution to make or reason to be in those countries. What will happen to ‘multicultural tolerance’ when Germany for example is run by Sharia Law? We know the answer of course.

        When one understands the true history and motivations of Islam I believe that we are witnessing an attempted replay of that long medieval history of Islamic conquest by means more sophisticated and attuned to the modern world, modern communications etc (along with violence of course!) and greatly facilitated, indeed made possible by the mind-altering doctrine of Political Correctness which has infected the West since it was devised – yes devised, it’s no accident – at the ‘Frankfurt School’ in Germany circa 1930 and sponsored by the Soviets. Without widespread acceptance of PC notions, this present invasion would have been firmly halted years ago!

        Here in SA we have few Arab people but a goodly number of Muslims who are not ‘radical’ and cause no trouble – so far anyway! As I have commented before their Council has roundly condemned ISIS etc very publicly.

        We used to or perhaps still have the largest community of Jewish people per capita outside of Israel who contribute greatly to this country in many ways.

        Perhaps I have no real religion these days to call my own except two axioms which cover most bases –

        “do unto others as you would have done to you”.


        “every person on this earth may be my friend until he or she shows me a reason they should not be”

      • Bonni’s 1 word”yes” just made my day.

        How do you undo the idiocy of the American voter Bonni? Look what they voted in

        P.s. just read about ur “neighbor” I grew up in phila.never even thought of muslim. You are right, they were arab. I went back to my old Philadelphia neighborhood..it looks like the sudan.

  40. Heartiest Congratulations to you Most Precious “BARE NAKED ISLAM”.You are THE BEST beyond belief and you have been doing it and are still doing it THE BEST.You have no equal.God bless you and all you do and help you to bring. Fruits that WILL LAST. Best of Best to you for as long as You Will Be

  41. This was a good article.

    I am always thinking that every person who understands islam should globally unite in their cause. I hope some great strategist, like a military stategist will garner movement around the world so that people will rise up and say no more. Maybe even have global stop works to force our leaders to heed our warnings. Maybe even overthrow corrupt govts who continue to sell us out. In the meantime, I fight every way I can; boycotting halal, writing emails to politicians and companies and speaking out where ever anyone will listen.

  42. Happy Eighth birthday and thankyou so much for your work, your endurance and courage. Yours was the first voice I found speaking up against islam.

  43. Many of the previous commenters have expressed my thoughts and probably expressed them better than I. There was a lot of BNI history (I thought) I knew but I learned a whole lot more from this email today.
    Thanks for all you do Bonni and I am always amazed at how productive you are. Around the clock. Even with some VERY uncomfortable injuries. Which I know a good deal about. Your recall of details and sense of humor (when appropriate) are


  44. Cheers Bonni, you started a great blog–we all owe you big time!!
    Here’s hoping you are healing well, Pete

  45. So it has benn 8 years following ya BNI 🙂

    Love and kisses from France !

    Be sure to follow my diy on flamethrowers , 1700 joules automatic air weapons , and of course , use them well ! VIVE BNI VIVENT LES JUSTES !

  46. Thank you Bonni. Happy anniversary to truth.
    P.s. hope you and ur horse are healing .
    Where would we be without ur strength, courage?

  47. Happy anniversary BNI!!!! I enjoy your website daily and want to thank you for your hard work and detication to shinning a light on the evil that masquerades as the “religion of peace”. I promote your truthful site on the regular. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  48. Bonni, Your collections of BNI are of IMMENSE value – shining the “Light of INFORMATION” (that so threatens islam; like all noxious creatures, it abhors light shined on it) – You are our “local-international Israel,” shining light (information) that Lamestream Media refuses to reveal, fearful of speaking truth to power. Your strength in shining light (where the sun don’t shine) makes BNI a “MUST-READ FIRST THING” upon opening my email app … THANK YOU, & G-d Bless!!

  49. BNI — pure, unfiltered, pulls no punches.

    #1 source for what the media (etc.) tries to cover up about Islam.

    Thanks for your great work, Bonni!

    (insert picture of B-day cake with bacon, here) 🙂


  50. I congratulate you, Bonni, for your 8 years of diligence. It’s unfortunate that you are even necessary. That said, you are a beacon of light in a world of darkness. May your flame never dwindle and your fervor never cease.
    We are about to enter the darkest days of American history. Man being pitted against his fellow man and daughter against mother. Civilization has collapsed and evil rules unfettered.
    May your truth shine as the lights of the Pharos of Alexandria in perpetuity.

  51. for better or worse you do make a difference in my life Bonni for the good taken with the bad I will hang with you girl … lets go hunt some more muslims

  52. I’m ashamed to say I used to be a sheeple. Then I found your site bonnie & my eyes have been open ever since. Before my bills are paid a small payment is sent to you each month automatically so my forgetfulness won’t hinder/slow down your important work. Thank you for all you do!

  53. Congratulations BNI on our anniversary. What started off as an accidental visit a couple years back, has now become a sort of ‘obsession’ with me, a permanent tab for the site, and me refreshing it multiple times daily to learn first hand about vermin action anywhere in the world. Wish you happy anniversary, and that you grow from strength to strength.

  54. Tanks you for all that turn possible the BNI and the counter jihad community, be together informed about Mrs Obama and democrat mafia with their islamofascist brothers are doing through the world!!

  55. You’re doing Western Civilization (by which I mean the civilization that’s been wrought by pure-blooded White Infidels; the single greatest civilization mankind has ever known) and, by extension, the entire non-Koranimal world a grandly noble and enormous favor, my lady.

    Keep up the good work, Ma’am, rather unenjoyable though it may be…

  56. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BNI and many many more.

    You have opened the eyes of us “unaware” Americans to the horror called islam.

    Thank you for your service in the fight for our freedom!

  57. I can’t wish you Happy Anniversary Bonni as it’s not a happy occasion that you need to celebrate, although I admire your tenacity for hanging in there despite all the threats and hackings. More’s the pity that sites like yours, Pam Geller, et al have to exist to try to educate the masses about the evil death cult that is Islam. Keep up the good work!

  58. Congratutulations! When I first found your site, I was ignorant to what Islam is really about. I though you all were a bunch of bigots. But you opened my mind. I bought a quran and book of hadiths to doublecheck. I did weigh what islamic “scholars” and imams and various muslims had to say with what I learned here and what history of various cultures say. My reasearch has actually stengthened my own faith. I am Christian.
    I am so impressed with your perseverance for truth. I have turned a few people onto your site and will continue to do so. I will donate my small part to help. Thank you so much for waking me up.
    I wish you as many years success as it takes to defeat this evil that is permeating our cultures. Hopefully, if enough people wake up, you can retire knowing you did so much good and fought the good fight. Even if the disease of Islam lasts longer, you can rest easy that you did.
    Yours truly, Lynn

  59. You are doing a fantastic service and should be commended for that.

    The truth is being told here, and the truth sometimes can be quite disturbing/depressing which is why i enjoy the sarcasm and the hint of humour you include in your articles and posts they really make me chuckle.
    Keep up the great work.

  60. Bonni – Congrats and Thank You! I think BNI is the first site I started looking at that’s really educated me on the evils of Pisslam.

    I donated some $, hope it helps keep BNI going strong for a long time to come!

    Keep up the great work!

  61. Happy Birthday to Bare Naked Islam! I love this site! Have been a regular reader for almost a year and a half. I’m home schooled so I check it out for new posts every few hours.


    I, like so many others, are extremely grateful for your blog being born. There are very special people who see a need that must be met and actually take the initiative to try to meet that need, and you are one of those very special people.

    For me, it was 6-7 years ago that I started to become aware of the incredibly frightening things that were happening — with this administration, with the alarming (but few honest) news reports of Islamic aggression and terrorism, Europe’s and our administration’s accommodation of shoving Sharia down our throats, our rights and freedoms being eaten away by the Left in bed with Islam, the Hitlerian scape-goating of Israel, Jews and Christians, and the deliberate undermining and undoing of our precious Constitution.

    I was outraged and sometimes so frightened that I went to bed shivering. I wanted to scream at the liars, propagandists, PC-police out there with FACTS. Your blog became a source of facts to fight back with. Your humor and sarcasm a source of laughter and tension-relief. Your many photographs illustrating the various points you were making, highly illuminating and giving people a visual idea of the destruction, not just a verbal one.

    You gave voice to my desperation and frustration and frankly gave me some sanity in this world of insanity, knowing that there were people out there seeing these things like I was and were alarmed and trying to do something about it.

    I, too, thought your voice, mine and many others could turn the tide. But it is all too clear that this is a war being waged against humanity on multiple fronts and from the highest seats of, as well as most-monied, power in the world. As such, battles will be won and lost, and there certainly no room for non-action, not when the war is being horrifically won by the evil side.

    Kudos and blessings to you. Keep up the great work. May God keep you, your family, and all of the things you care about healthy, safe from harm, and in great working order.

    A very Happy Birthday, indeed! God bless you!

  63. It is an honor to make a small donation every month. It’s a greater honor to stand alongside you!

  64. God Bless BNI. In history you will go down among the first heroes who brought the threat of Islam to a sleeping-Western World’s attention.