MORE backwards swastikas and anti-Muslim graffiti found on a Muslim’s car

Seems like Muslim vandals, trying to get ‘Islamophobia’ sympathy from the media, have never learned how to draw a proper Nazi swastika.



HUFFPO A hate crime task force is investigating who spray-painted a swastika and anti-Muslim graffiti on Ahmed Muqadarati’s car in Palmdale, California, on the final day of Ramadan.  

A swastika and “USA” were spray-painted on a gray truck, which had been parked in Palmdale, Johnson said Lt. Belinda Johnson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


The truck’s windows had also been smashed in. Photos posted to social media show the words “terroist [sic]” and “F**k Muzlim [sic]” also spray-painted on the truck. 

“The victim is of Islamic faith, but he had no idea who would have wanted to damage his vehicle,” Johnson said. “I am also a citizen of America,” Muqadarati told KABC.

“I’m the type of guy that goes to the mosque almost every day, if I can. (Uh Oh!) I know people see me around, and I’m not afraid of saying that I’m a Muslim. Obviously, it looks like somebody hated me because I’m a Muslim.” (Ya think?)