AUSTRALIA: Anti-Islamization journalist and new Senator-elect have been receiving serious death threats from Muslims

Both journalist Andrew Bolt and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have been very assertive in their criticism of the ideology of Islam and its links to terrorism for many years. So it’s no surprise that Muslims will go to any length to silence them.


XYZ  In an on-air interview with Hanson, Bolt revealed that he has had to move his family to a safe location after receiving death threats from supporters of the Islamic State. These threats appear to have come directly as a result of his recent criticism of the Grand Mufti of Australia for making implied threats of violence.

Australian “The Grand Mufti of Australia has just proved that Pauline Hanson is right to feel threatened by Islam in this country,” he wrote in Melbourne’s Herald Sun. He criticised the Mufti for warning in an open letter that criticism of anti-gay comments by Sheik Shady Alsuleiman risks inciting Islamic extremism.


“Again and again, whether the Mufti means this or not, the clear inference is that if we criticise Islam or his clerics we risk death,” he wrote.

“What free society can tolerate such an implied threat or danger? How can the Mufti not see that the true responsibility for Islamist terrorism lies not with the victims but with the perpetrators — and with the faith which seems to licence them to mass murder?”

What is astounding about this is that Andrew Bolt has criticised the Mufti for saying that criticism of Islam could inflame to violence and terrorism, and threats of violence and terrorism have been levelled against Andrew Bolt as a result.

Read Hanson’s One Nation platform on Islam HERE


  • One Nation describes Islam as a “totalitarian political system” masquerading as a religion and is calling for an “inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology”.
  • Islam, it says, “does not believe in democracy” and “is proving to be seditious against every nation and government on earth”.
  • Banning the burqa and niqab in public, banning Halal certification, stopping Muslim immigration and installing surveillance cameras in mosques are just some of One Nation’s proposals.
  • It also wants a ban on any new mosques being built until the inquiry is held, would “investigate welfare payments paid to Muslims who may be in multiple marriages, having multiple children”, and would forbid the swearing in of Muslim MPs under the Koran.