Look which al-Qaeda terrorist Barack Obama has just released from Gitmo now

CnB-k9cW8AA7E_NFor those who doubt the cold-hearted nature of the Muslim currently leading this nation, Barack Hussein Obama’s sham commission is releasing ANOTHER high risk GITMO prisoner, Fayiz Suleiman, who has extensive training in poisons, as an al-Qaeda member of bin Laden’s 55th Brigade.

IndependentSentinel  Never what could be called a good prisoner, he never tried to give the appearance of being reformed. He was sent to Italy by the Obama Regime.

Our military likely died at his hands because he was on the front lines and military risked their lives to capture him. He is a high risk candidate to go back to the fight and continue his goal of attacking US targets. Obama is determined to close GITMO before he leaves office and Americans be damned.


The following is from the NY Times docket: