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  1. Keep your chin up young soldier, don’t become like that sellout C.J. Pearson. Good shall prevail my man😃.

  2. Actually the un-educated morans harassing the young man should research the party they serve is the party of the ku klux klan so in reality they are the uncle Tom’s.

  3. Direct death threats to individual voters are CERTAINLY NOT a legal part of politics in the USA. These are called crimes: “Criminal Threatening”- And all such occurrences must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, without exception. If death threats are not prosecuted for, then the death threats eventually will be carried out either against this person or against others possibly in the future. “Criminal threatening” must never be tolerated; there should be zero tolerance for any serious death threat, even joking around this way should be warned against.

  4. Many great Black people, young and old. Damn the media, especially airheads such as CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper.

    • Susan don’t those sick jerks on cnn just nauseate you, I truly hate them too. We are instructed to hate evil and they just represent evil every time they open their lying, obfuscating mouths… And the real ugly part of it is they KNOW they are lying, and being paid well to do it well.

  5. Under oBama Black unemployment went up 45%. The slums in many major US cities are run by Democrats. How the low life’s in the Afro American Negro community can blame the Republicans is beyond me. Traditionally Blacks supported the Republicans as its the Democrats who promoted slavery and founded the KKK.
    Now they issue death threats to boys that can think for themselves….shameless!!!

  6. He is the future!! He is a bright mind. Of course he’s going to be targeted. Superior traits always are. Always remember that. This young man is the very definition of progress. He’s the MLK of his time. No doubt. While everyone else is stuck living in the past, this young man sees the future and the dream his forefathers fought for. HE IS THE REALIZATION OF THAT DREAM!!! He’s ALL-AMERICAN!!! He’s our brother no doubt. Being an American will never be and never is about color. It’s about FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, AND THE CONSTITUTION! I’m very proud of this young man. It’s people like him that make me proud to be an American. I want to see more of this!!! Thanks for sharing BNI.

  7. So many black folk and so many libs are such lying cry-babies I want to puke. Thankless assholes, all of them.

    • Greg, it’s BECAUSE they are lib/socio/commie that they are disgusting, NOT because they are black!!! Yes a lot of black folk have been drawn into the ignorance of the socio/commies and that makes their brains disfunction, their blackness has nothing to do with it.

  8. The teenager was threatened for his choice of a candidate!!!!
    This is the ISLAMIC effect. That simple.
    America the democratic, what a sad joke!!!

  9. What a great teen! BLM clearly promotes violence against their own people, if there is any dissent. Apparently, all blacks are expected to support BLM, hate police, Trump, etc.,or they’ll receive death threats! Oh, yeah, this makes so much since! NOT! We need to support and protect this young man, no matter what. I am disgusted that a 16 yr. old young boy, no matter his color, is receiving death threats, for his beliefs! You stick with you’re beliefs, Quey. Millions of people do agree with you!

  10. What a brave young man! Not just to speak out despite the threats, but to even shake off the shackles that many in his ethnic cultural origin, i.e. AAs are trying to bind him with. I remember stories of students at predominantly black schools being harassed by other students for making good grades. The reasoning was that they were being a traitor to their culture and were trying to act white. Truly a suicidal ideology to reject everything that will get you ahead in life.

    I hope Obummer makes it a point of seeing himself in this young man and makes sure that the FBI thoroughly investigates every one of those death threats – Black lives matter – right? Or does that just apply to black lives that are ended or put in jeopardy in the most politically beneficial way?

    • “I hope Obummer makes it a point of seeing himself in this young man”
      Proud, I really don’t think the b o in the White House is going to trot out his silly thoughts and say, “THIS young could have been my son”. No this young man is WAY beyond being the son of the b o. This young man has brain cells he is actually using unlike the b o’s “son” types.

  11. It’s disgusting how anyone who supports Trump and wants all this craziness to stop gets threatened or labeled one thing or another. This is not about race it’s about Islam being forced down our fucking throat’s and anyone who speaks out is accused of being wrong or insulting a paedo prophet. I respect this man who refuses to back down. Fair play to him.

  12. The strong, courageous black teenager speaks Truth to Power. We live in dark days when Truth is Hated and those who speak Truth are threatened with Death.

    Please God, bless and protect the courageous black teenager.

    If Bought and Paid for with Millions of Saudi Dollars I LIKE MONEY A Lot More than I Like America Hillary Clinton, gets into power, the world will be shocked with the extremely rapid Destruction of America and the Tremendous Suffering of both Blacks and Whites.

      • All y’all are racists for supporting Trump. This young idiot is dumb for supporting a racist who has support from the kkk and other hate groups. This clown lies about his taxes, gropes, women,etc. I’ve always known that a lot of European Americans were racist but this election has brought them out even more smh.

  13. People find this hard to believe but Trump supporters are being threaten with harm to them and their Family.
    And adult people attacking even the little kids.. What kind of people are these creeps ? They have to be processed with darkness and evil.
    Hollywood is a disease of evil and filth. The WH has a dark evil look and seem surround by a smell of sewage all the time..
    Like the smell of death.
    Protesters smell of filth and sweat and just look like darkness hanging over them.
    I stay away from these Protesters and even stay away from Trump Events, because l know l will be able to see reruns of all his speeches .
    I do not fear the People at Trump’s event, l just do not want to be near the evil of the protesters. Not that l fear them but more like afraid that darkness will spread and l may catch some vile disease from them,,
    Don’t they ever eat or bathe ? and when do they do this.. and where ,In a roach infested place ?

    • After Michael Brown was killed, been over a year ago, I exited the freeway coming home from Berkeley. It was a stop that I had made numerous times. This time, I ran into these assholes. They had the street blocked and they literally attacked me. They were jumping on the hood of my car, rocking it, smashed my driver’s side window, then the passenger side window, screaming,” White bitch! This is for Michael Brown! ” I was in LE for two years at that time and had never had to draw a weapon on anyone; but I did that night!

      That’s the only thing that saved me. I remember yelling, “You bastards better get off my car and move out of the way or I will kill you!” I won’t deny that I was scared shitless! I was. But the only thing that saved me was my Glock! Women need to arm themselves. That said, I guess I’m a “White Hispanic” like George Zimmerman!

      But I pay federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes( not to mention social security, disability and Medicare taxes) vehicle registration and insurance, just to be mobbed on the street by anarchists, half of whom don’t even live here and never worked a day in their lives! They have a mob mentality, like a swarm of killer bees! They’re drones that have no minds , fed by msm, current occupant of the wh and Hollyweird is that travel with body guards!!! The last thing that I want to do when I walk out of my house in the morning is shoot someone, but I will if that’s what it takes to preserve my own life! No mistake about it!

      • Damn yes!!!! Right there is why I say I would follow this young woman into hell with a water pistol. Hey I’m getting to old to be a dynamic charismatic leader but I can sure make a useful follower.

        • He’s got a bite that goes with those teeth! I have a new pup here now for socialization and obedience work that will be gifted to a deserving vet as a service dog. I do one a year with them, then they go back to our trainer to work with their new person. If you know Shepherds and can work with one for a year, Google Freedom Dogs! It’s something that we can do for our vets and we get all the puppy kisses and the chewed shoes and pointy puppy teeth biting our arms, legs, feet😊 This one is my Tucker. He was actually smiling in this photo. That’s how he ” says hello”. That was an easy thing to teach him. Liver paste, a doggy toothbrush and just keep saying, “Say hello.”. I do that with weirdos out on the trails. They leave me alone!!😂😂😂

      • Good for you Emma! My grandmother who used to be a traveling salesperson after my grandfather died relatively young thwarted a rape attempt while on the road by pulling her .38 out of her purse and making the guy get away from the door he was trying to block her from getting out of.