Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands California State Board of Education rewrite history books so Islam isn’t portrayed as the genocidal religion of conquest that it is

BOOKLETS-colon-BComicBook-2CAIR alleges that the current version of the textbook has ‘blatantly inaccurate representations of Muslims and is attempting to erase and rewrite the histories of our communities from history textbooks.’

Cqrcengage  If this version without “our” proposed edits is adopted, it will pave a path towards institutionalized “Islamophobia” and complete erasure of minority voices and experiences from our youth’s understanding of history. (No, it will finally teach them the truth about Islam) 
As a result of the very limited perspectives included in this process, included not one single Islamic scholarly voice represented (because there aren’t any), the current History and Social Science curriculum framework is heavily biased against the fair, accurate, and neutral portrayal of the many pluralistic traditions and cultures of Islam in South Asia (because there aren’t any). Islam, in particular, is portrayed almost solely as a religion of conquest, genocide, and slavery (because it is).

Actually, the truth is just the opposite in most California schools, where way too much whitewashed Islam is taught: