FRANCE: Illegal alien Muslim invaders ‘demand’ asylum while clogging the streets of Paris

maxresdefault-e13753855622951Hundreds of Muslim illegals attempted to hold a protest rally near the Jaures metro station in Paris to demand asylum and for more free handouts from the French state.  After several minor altercations with local residents and a brief protest, police later reportedly arrived and escorted many of the invaders away from the area. (How about escorting them out of the country?)

Translation from the French: “Today we have a camp that was set up in front of ‘France Terre d’Asile’ [asylum registration centre], after the eviction of several camps in Halles Pajol, in Jardin des Halles, and above the La Chapelle Metro. There are many camps that have been dismantled by the police, who move the invaders into places 90 km from Paris in precarious situations with bad food.