Hoping to deflect attention away from the latest Muslim terrorist massacre in Nice, Huffington Post wants you to focus on alleged threats and ‘hate’ crimes against Muslims

huffington_post-islamophobiaThere were many more verbal and written threats than any actual hate crimes against Muslims in the period of Ramadan June 4 – July 6, but please feel sorry for Muslims in America because as Huffpo likes to say, using its Islamophobia tracker“Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.”

We must execute the Muslim scum. Full on eradication,” read a tweet directed at a mosque in Michigan.

Fuck Muslims,” a man allegedly said before shooting and wounding two Somali Muslim men in Minnesota.

One victim, 22-year-old Hussein Gelle told Minnesota Public Radio that the shooter made disrespectful statements about Muslims before the shooting. He allegedly said “F*ck Muslims” before firing his gun. Gelle was struck in the leg, but he and the other victim survived. But the Minnesota Police Department told MPR the incident isn’t being investigated as a hate crime as of this moment. 

We know where you are, we know your location… We will come at the right time,” read a threatening email to a mosque in Orlando, Florida, the same mosque that the Muslim terrorist who killed 49 at a Gay club attended.

You fucking Muslims. I heard you’re here to conquer us,” a man allegedly told an imam in Staten Island, New York, before picking up a pipe and threatening to kill the imam and “all Muslims.”

The imam noticed a man who looked angry rushing toward him. “And he started right with the curses – ‘You ‘F’ Muslims. I heard you’re here to conquer us,’” said Imam Tahir Kukiqi.



Leave now before it is too late,” read another threatening email to the Islamic Society of North America headquarters in Indiana, where members had discovered bullet holes in the building’s sign a week earlier.

ISNA is one of the North American front groups for the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood.


Take your rag ass back to your country. I’m gonna fucking kill you,” a man in a truck allegedly screamed before attempting to run a Muslim man off a Texas road. 

Garland (where terrorists tried to attack Pamela Geller’s Draw Muhammad event) police are investigating a possible terroristic threat after a Muslim activist says he was threatened with racial (what ‘race’ is Islam?)slurs and nearly killed this week by a pick up driver boasting extremist bumper stickers.

Omair Siddiqi alleges he was on his way home from work when he stopped at the Shell Station in Richardson for gas. He was listening to a recording of the Quran and “minding my own business” when he noticed a white pickup pull next to him. He claims the truck tailed and “aggressively” followed him into Garland, he said, before a white, middle-aged driver rolled down his window and began screaming.

That’s when the man tried to run him off the road, nearly causing him to crash into a light pole, alleges Siddiqi, who works as an outreach coordinator for designated terrorist group CAIR’s Dallas Fort-Worth chapter.

Siddiqi of CAIR

You are Muslim and not welcome,” read a note left for a family of Syrian refugees in Arizona. “Please move before danger can happen.” 

A Syrian Muslim refugee family of four had to flee their home in Tucson, Arizona. A threatening message of hate written in crude, multicolored handwriting had been taped to the door to their new home. (Notice the wording and misspellings in the notes. Usually this indicates the handiwork of other Muslims looking for pity)



A man brandishing a gun “told people at [the Masjid Al-Madina in Raeford, North Carolina] that he would kill them and bury them behind the mosque,” Capt. John Kivett of the local sheriff’s office said.

Too many targets to count,” wrote an armed Seattle man on Facebook, vowing to “take revenge” on Muslims at a mosque there.

King County prosecutors claim Houston-native Robert Kinder Farris posted a series of threats to Facebook against the Idriss Mosque. Farris, 37, is alleged to have threatened to “take revenge” and “blow Muslims away while they are praying.” “These people are animals, all of them,” Farris said on Facebook, according to charging papers filed Thursday. He also vowed to “take revenge” against Muslims, an apparent reference to the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.


The word “ISIS” and a swastika were allegedly carved into a Muslim woman’s car in Lynnwood, Washington. 

“Fuck Muzlim” and “terroist” and backward swastikas were spray-painted on a Muslim man’s car in Palmdale, California. The car’s windows were also smashed in. 


Two Islamic centers in the Chicago area received threats. Several Chicago-area mosques have received hate messages or threats in the wake of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.


Get the hell out of the country you bitch ass Muslims!” a woman allegedly screamed at a Muslim mother and daughter during a road rage incident in Maryland. 

Much of the police’s case so far appears to be based on what the alleged victims told them. Muslim drivers alleges the other driver got out of her car, tossed a fragrant liquid on the women and yelled: “Get the hell out of the country you b—-a– Muslims!”

And Muslim men were viciously beaten outside mosques in Orlandothe BronxQueens and Brooklyn, New York.