Sharia-compliant NYC Mayor deBlasio names a day in honor of a new Brooklyn Jihad Center virulently opposed since 2010 by the Jewish-Christian neighborhood in which it now sits, posing a threat to residents

In recognition of the massive neighborhood opposition to the construction of this terror mosque, Mayor Bill de Blasio named a day in honor of Thursday’s opening ceremony for the Muslim American Society’s new house of worship in Sheepshead Bay.


SheepsheadBites  “During the development of the center, there was massive community pushback and you have had to deal with misunderstandings and confusion,” Board of Standards and Appeals Chairwoman Margery Perlmutter said before presenting the Mayor’s proclamation. “Our administration congratulates you on your resilience and your commitment to advocating for your right to worship in a congregation.”


Listen to the impassioned opposition to this terror mosque by residents of Sheepshead Bay in the video below:

Interfaith leaders traitors, elected paid-off officials, police officers and community advocates jihadists joined in the ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the Muslim American Society (MAS)  (MAS is a major American front group for the terrorist-linked Muslim Brotherhood) Sheepshead Bay Community Center on Voorhies Avenue.


The completion of the mosque, now officially recognized on the city’s calendar, caps a decade-long effort in which the congregation faced a fierce backlash and even court challenges to the center’s construction.


Ibrahim Mossallam, the MAS New York outreach director, said the mosque provides a better platform for continued community engagement and efforts to heal divisions within the neighborhood. (Never happen, your neighbors know what you are)



“This is going to make us push even harder to be better community activists and advocates as well as push our children and youth to be exemplary American citizens,” he said. (Yes, the future terrorists of America)


The mosque’s proposal in 2009 spurred furious, sometimes racially-tinged protests and eventually a legal effort to block its construction. However, even after winning permission from the city to move forward, the congregation still had a long way to go before their dreams would be realized.


Several of the ceremony’s speakers drew parallels between the MAS congregation’s experience and previous immigrant struggles to gain a toehold in United States.

“If you look under the fingernails of every ethnic group, you will see the dirt and grime of trying to climb up the mountain of prosperity and achieve the American dream one hand at a time,” said Borough President Eric Adams.


“If you believe you are right, then those who throw bricks and stones at you, you will catch them and not build a wall but build a bridge.” (Bridges fall down down eventually)

Sell-out De Blasio bought the votes of the Muslim community by forcing NYC public schools to close down for TWO muslim holidays every year.