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  1. Complete lunacy–which is what most of western Eurabia has descended into.

    And BTW, U.K. is NOT out of it yet! (and the beat goes on………………)

  2. We, think this is absolutely ridiculous! We think that Germany has lost its mind! We think that the never ending trail of refuse coming from the middle east to Europe is destroying the fabric of any countries they pass through! We think that whoever follows this garbage is a moron! We think that whoever came up with this crap is a traitor! We think that this politically correct edict is beyond reproach and is the work of morons! We the people say FRACK OFF you mindless moronic gits! We think we should stand up for your rights before it is too late!

    • Yes it is ridiculous. Someone should cut merkel’s tongue out and send her to a reeducation camp with no possibility of parole…

    • We all need good leaders, from the home, to the community, the town/city, county, state, and obviously federal. Even in civil breakdown there will still be a need for guality, leadership. There are leaders right here among the good KNOWLEDGABLE commentators at BNI. Some must take the role of leading, some teaching some being reliable followers. We have to do all that we can to see that no more totally evil creeps (think b o, merky, turdoo, hollowendA , really ALL our nations resident demons) are elected to rule over us any more.

  3. The backlash against islam down under continues…

    One thing I have realized after reading an interesting post in a tech forum this morning is that the problem is multiculturalists are terrified of their global multicultural program failing, they know that if Australia officially opposes islam it will pave the way for other minorities to be rejected for non-assimilation.

    They simply cannot have that under any circumstances, even to prevent terror attacks. They will create any argument, use any statistic and use any tactic to shut down people who are anti-islamic – e.g. intimidation, bullying, emotional/psychological manipulation, ostracisation… any behaviour normally associated with a psychopath, literally I could go on and on.

    This is what we are up against, people who cannot allow multiculturalism to fail under any circumstance.

    I call on anyone willing to take their opinion to the social liberal safe space The Guardian, the great destabilizer George Soros himself is most likely a reader. This one media outlet is continuously and purposely pushing it’s multicultural or nothing agenda. They are also running out of money as they are sustained by a trust that is rapidly depleting.

    BNI: An article by Andrew Bolt has everyone out on facebook arguing right now after a news presenter agreed with him on live TV this morning:


    If her employment is threatened for simply being honest there will be a massive backlash against Channel 9.

      • BNI / DI,

        I can assure you anti Muslim immigration is mainstream big time now in Australia.

        First it was the fringe radical like Pauline Hanson, then it was a right winger like Andrew bolt, and now it is a concerned mainstream mum tv personality rightly concerned for her children.

        Wait till she (and the rest of the Australian people)starts receiving an education on Islam….

        It’s all over for any politician that will be soft on Muslims or Muslim immigration. Here and the USA.

    • It is time for a Crusade. Pass it on all social media! Let’s get this islamic crap stopped and turned around before more innocent children die!

      • Jeff I would not post ANYTHING on stasibook!!! Yes send BNI stuff all over, but best yet is sit down with people and look them n the eye, and speak the truth. Get to know your neighbors, who you can trust and who you can’t. Form GMO, Get Musslime Out, groups. Maybe SONFI, Save Our Nations From Isslime, or SMART Save Me From Religious Tyrany. One more, SUFI Save Us From Isslime!!!!

  4. This crap is insane! Am I missing something here?? Why is the inclusive “we” a crime?? The Germans and the Swedes have lost their minds! I find myself centering on Sweden,this time. I am an American born female, and a military veteran, and a Texan. I’m also 25% Swedish(Grandmother)! She must be rolling over in her grave with this PC bullshit! I learned many years ago, how to kick ass! Never needed to use it,but…. “We” know who you’re avoiding discussing, muzzies! Come on Sweden, you need the Viking warrior mentality to save your once great nation. Need some guns or some big, big trucks?? We have them here in Texas,everywhere! Germany, the same goes for you too! Oh,I want to puke!

  5. I would love for my fellow Aussies to contradict me on this

    But anti Islam immigration is now 100% total mainstream in Australia.

    Our most popular morning breakfast has just let the cat out of the bag and opened a Pandora’s box.

    To defend Muslim immigration you also need to defend the price and consequences of Islamic terrorism.
    The people now doing that are the lunatic liberal lefties.


  6. Islam can hardly believe its luck with most western politicians being Muslim Vermin supporters including the new British PM Theresa May who is a supporter of Sharia and Sharia Courts in the UK and she is supposed to be a conservative!…well just another paid for globalist that loved throwing her own people under the EU wheel.! The French Left has been bankrupt for decades and facilitated open borders to Muslim Vermin and any other north African barbarian that came to their shores and look at them now,I see little hope for France and they will suffer unending Islamic Terror and do nothing about it.The Germans are in with a chance but their Fuhrer and corrupt leftist elites seems intent on destroying the Fatherland and to be absorbed into some kind of chaotic Islamo-Europa ruled by Islamic Vermin with long beards and even longer swords.The Black Muslim in the American Whitehouse is playing the same game of destruction using an Islamic Army through the backdoor to destroy you but I feel you Yanks are made of sterner stuff and chop them off at the knees.But I really have to look to Russia/China/Israel/Eastern Europe to raise the Banner to obliterate the Death Cult once and for all.We in the west are pissing up against the wall freedoms paid for by millions of other livesIf we must have another world war to destroy the Death Cult I am all for it.

  7. The video is a reminder to leave false book and twatter. Gottentag, mein volk, you are being ruled by two levels of psychos, top level in Brussels with unelected technorats, the second, the snarler, haha San Merkel. Yikes!,
    Feel free Germans to Escape before the country prison doors close.

  8. Funny how governments attempt to program what we think and try to re-condition us from our natural feelings towards an agenda. I guess they need to combat this petty verbal policing with EXTREME SARCASM. ” YES, WE LOVE THE MUSLIM HORDE OF MIGRANTS”.
    “GREAT, I enjoy seeing my streets being over run by loafers whom I’m glad will drain our welfare before I’m old and can’t work anymore”. ” OH Yes, I feel totally safe letting my school age girls walk unecscorted through these groups of muslim males, they are so honorable they would NEVER lay a hand on them.” ” I can sleep soundly at night knowing the muslims will co-exist in our counrtry and share our goodwill with my Christian Descendants for decades in the future”. ” You know Meklyl is a champion of the people and would never in act laws similar to Hitler’s” ” Heil Merkyl”!

  9. Wow, today’s Germany is increasingly mirroring the former DDR in terms of political repression and human rights! As bad as the DDR was, I bet there will soon come a time when any German would prefer to live in a DDR (if it still existed) over the failed state that soon will become Germany, sadly.

  10. This should be the German National Anthem (once again) Die Horst Wessel Lied – Nazi Germany National Anthem

    • Ya know…
      You gotta give this tune credit…it IS a very compelling piece of music…it does exactly what it’s intended to do…it rouses a feeling of patriotic emotion when you listen to it.

      You can understand, given the situation in Germany in the days after WW1, how the German people were hood-winked into going along with this crap.

      I can’t remember who, but there was a celebrated American Olympic athlete, {it was not Jesse Owens}…who attended the 1936 Berlin games, and he said that by 1936, most astutely aware people knew what was coming in Europe…
      However…this man commented on the pageantry and atmosphere during the Berlin closing ceremonies, and he said that it was so well done and inspiring, with the music, banners and the search lights, that even he was swept up in the emotion and grandeur so much, that he ALMOST stood up and gave the Nazi salute.
      And that was a comment from a man who KNEW it was all bullshit, smoke and mirrors…yet he recognized the power music and pageantry can have on the human psyche.

      • Interesting Amboy, there is a verse in the Bible that says ” Jesus never trusted himself to the crowds”. Crowd insanity is the worst of the worst, soros understands these things.

    • I’m new here (have lurked for quite a while but am very shy), but wanted to respond to your comment. There are still plenty of us in Canada who are not, and will not be, silenced. We’re contacting our MPs, talking openly with friends about this issue, getting involved with groups like PEGIDA Canada, etc. I wrote a letter to PM Zoolander about this issue and asked him to change the libs’ destructive immigration policies. I know that he, and the rest of the libs, are so arrogant that they won’t listen to anyone except their trained seal supporters, but I sent the thing anyway.

      Anyway, just wanted to let you know that those of us with good heads on our shoulders have not, and will not, give up or shut up!

      • You are right Kate the elitists are not going to care one bit what the “common” decent people have to say, they have ALL sold their souls to the devil some time back. What we have to do is speak up, find like minded, and become strong together. Keep adding your good thoughts here and be strengthened by the many sharp commenters here. Send selected comments to friends and family. There is not a day goes by that I do not send something from BNI to someone, or several, on my mail list.

  11. Guess I had to say it before someone else did: “WE are not amused.” Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way — this is so F&@ked up!

  12. Sorry for not commenting too much! But there are some news that are horrifying that makes me not utter and write a word. It’s pretty much me interiorizing anger towards those who lead us. We have in my language for them calling them FLEECERS ! IF THIS KEEPS UP, THE FIRST CASE TO GO AND RELAUNCH FLOGGING AND DEATH PENALTY FOR TREASON IS GOING TO BE (FOR) THEM!

  13. Anyone calling for freedom of opinion is guilty of hate speech? Looks like the German leftist zombies are goose stepping in unison.

  14. This is sheer madness, Gemany is a giant nut house, I am german and where I work most people over 50 fiercely oppose muslim inmigration but younger people seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that we must accept their crimes and barbarism as a punishment for “our nazi past”, I am the only person under 30 in my job that dislike muslims! one my youngest coworkers said we can’t complain if they rape us and kill us because “we were nazis and did horrible things” I wonder what kind of mental venom has been mainlined into the minds of the young german people? I have NOTHING to do with the things that happened 70 years before I was born and whatever some germans did back then has nothing to do with me and my refusal to accept rape and murder in my country as something we deserve, in any other place on this planet this is common sense but here in germany this is incredibly radical and shocking..

    • It’s similar to the idiots here in America who have to keep flagilating themselves for the whole black slave thing, which few slave owners did. It’s bad enough when some people have no solid foundation to build their lives on but when whole nations have nothing they can say, THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR, then that nation is going to fail. No God no foundation, that may be the USA now too. I hope not, but there are a lot of misguided people here who call themselves Christian, that are surely muddying the water.

    • Veronika, What kinds of horrors do you think Muslims would unleash on the world if they were able to control Germany? I think it would be unimaginable suffering. What cruelties and misery would happen to Europeans…and to European Jews and to Israel if these animals were allowed to continue their conquests? If anything, because of it’s tragic 20th century history, Germany has a special duty to resist fascism — and this Muslim invasion is enabled and abetted by leftist fascists who call themselves liberals, and yet these mindless fools have absolutely no idea of what a liberal democracy actually is. Keep your spirits up and find others who you can talk with openly.

    • It will be the young of Germany who will suffer the most from the Muslim savage. If they are that dumb…..well they deserve everything coming. The older generation will be dead when the worse comes to Germany.

      I used to respect the Germans now I just have contempt. Go and join the Swedes you losers.

    • You are perfectly right Veronika,you and modern day Germans are not responsible for the crimes of the Nazis,there are many other countries who have committed war and genocide including against indigenous peoples so those who take the high moral ground should look at their own history.I think there has been much leftist peddling postwar in Universities and schools across the western world with a clear agenda of brainwashing the youth and trying to turn countries into multicultural utopias all we have to look to is Sweden and an unfolding France to see the fruit of the lie.I wish all you Germans well and hope for Europes sack you can take your country back,the alternative is not worth thinking.

      • No guilt should be applied to young Germans over the wars and atrocities in Europe. These lasted the equivalent of a ‘lunch hour’ compared to the Islamic terror that has reigned for 1400 years. If you want to compare numbers German youth, again, leave the guilt trip behind. Deaths and atrocities caused by said wars (and no-one denies the German contribution) are miniscule compared to the tally racked up by the followers of the Religion of War.

    • Veronika, my grandfather perished in the gas chamber just as many of my other relatives but I DO NOT hold young generations of Germans responsible for the crimes of their grandfathers. Muslims should not be on the receiving end of this eternal self- beating as they were loving and embracing allies of the Nazis. You can search BNI website for the extensive coverage of this romance between Hitler and Islamic leaders of the time. In fact, atrocities committed by Muslim battalions were so heinous, even the most seasoned SS murderers refused to fight alongside them. Even the most consumed by guilt, brain washed young Germans could employ a few healthy brain cells left to comprehend an utter stupidity and the falsehood of this reasoning. Arm yourself with the knowledge of the past to contradict and expose this absurdity. There is more than enough evidence of Muslim plans for the final solution in the Middle East (Hitler promised full assistance) collaboration and atrocities during the Second World War and generous asylum the Middle Eastern countries offered to fleeing Nazis. The top officers and commanders of the Reich converted to Islam and continued their vicious activities among the grateful recipients of their knowledge and experience. In fact Arafat who was born and raised in Egypt and trained by one of top officers who headed Hitler’s propaganda machine. This is one of the reason Palis’s false narrative, propaganda and methods were so effective in the West. All tactics employed by the genocidal garbage of made up people have been invented and successfully deployed by the Nazi propaganda machine down to the last letter. Standing firmly with Israrl against the tide of legitimization and rabid antisemtitism resurrected in Europe by the horde of Muslim invaders, is the only decent action related to the dark past.

  15. I can see my country (Germany) is going to be destroyed for ever. This is the cause of the leftist , libtarts and the democrats, what for a crab of shit this people are. I like to puke every minute. This people are the dirt of human beings. Oh my god what I have done to deserve this.It is a libtarts problem, sick an sick and sick. People wake up and stick together to fight this shit. Americans and Europeans stick together hope is not to late.

  16. No problem. I shall sound really delightful as I swap ‘we’ for ‘us’. Here goes!
    Us will not be using the W word any more. Us will tell the kids that us are all going to the mall to buy new shoes. (The word ‘shoes’ is not banned is it?)
    Us are now all ignorant but equal just as the Loony Lefties planned. I hope us are all happy now and our societies are no longer divided, no longer Islamophobic, no more xenophobia, no more racism. Crazy as hell but politically correct. Phew!

  17. Not in my book, and l am NOT going to have USA doing the same.. We can speak against this because People need to be warn, all people need to be warn in all nations

  18. BNI…check your inbox. Have you heard about Incilik Airbase? 1500 troops being held hostage, power shut down by Turks and refusing to let them fly out. Carriers have been deployed as of last night. And this is what Merkel thinks she can sign a treaty with and welcome into Europe! Never trust a moslem!

    • wrong. it just shows how things are heating up for merkal and co. that they must go to such measures. there’s no wiggle room now. it’s civil war soon i think.

  19. You see when there is no foundation of a reliable TRUTH to base your laws on they have to be constantly tweeked, twisted and increased. That is why ALL socio/commie/totalitarian governments have to become more controlling and brutal. More people have to be murdered, more people have to be thrown into prisons, more people have to disappear, more people have to be watched and warned. After a while there are very few people at the top who can be trusted, and even they do not trust one another.. Think China, North Korea, Iran, and now Turkey and dozens of other totalitarian hell holes.

  20. and if the German people sit back and do nothing they will show us how they have learned NOTHING from their own history. It is up to the people to do something about it all.

  21. I loved that video, the Germans keep a sense of humor, after the horrid “Hatespeak” laws are prescribed. We & us are on the list of Hatespeak. But the Germans are still standing, guarding their youth from the violence, which only grows more violent. May God Help Them!

    • Germany and Sweden — which were once exclusively populated by the most brilliant and jaw-droppingly attractive blue-and green-eyed, blonde-and red-haired people in the world — may have very well passed the point of no-return in their gut-wrenching descent into a hybrid of Koranimal hell-hole and Turd-World (read: non-White) Infidel shit-hole. May God, if he exists, help the indigenous Germans and Swedes; they’re in sorely dire need of ‘divine’ intervention.

    • Any other “Avengers” fans here because I need someone to ask Merkel if she’s familiar with the term “mewling quim”. Look in the mirror, Angela.

  22. in the uk I only use ” I ” first person only ,otherwise you can be charged with incitement to others ! we have no 1st amendment