Another Islamic State (ISIS) Beheading double header (WARNING: Graphic Images)

FIVE men accused of being members of the New Syrian Army (what Obama likes to call the ‘moderate’ rebels) are beheaded in Iraq by the Islamic State, then the heads impaled on spikes.


A new video released by ISIS is titled “Story of Slaughter“, and features five men accused of being members of the New Syrian Army being beheaded. Four of them had their severed heads impaled in spikes.
The so-called New Syrian Army was founded in November of last year and claims to be equipped and trained by Saudi Arabia’s Authenticity and Development Front as well as America’s CIA. John McCain was seen in photos with New Syrian Army members. Obama has spent millions of US taxpayer dollars arming and training these ‘rebels’ who usually join up with terrorist groups al-Nusra and ISIS after they are captured.

ISIS in the Philippines beheads three alleged spies on the island of Mindanao, a terrorist stronghold. Much like Jihadi John, the pre-execution speech here is given in English by one of the Muslim jihadists.