Awww, lookie here, CAIR is promoting it’s so-called “Cure for Islamophobia” at the Republican National Convention

Not to worry, CAIR, more than 100,000 Bikers for Trump will be bringing their own antidote for Muslim swine like you.


NewsNet5  On Monday, designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) held a press conference on Mall A to challenge the “anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim stance of the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and other of other party officials.”

When asked about the Republican party, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said:  It is time the GOP and its presumptive presidential nominee repudiate Islamophobia and the politics of fear targeting Muslims and other minority groups. (HEY, Nihad, it isn’t Islamophobia when you keep reminding us how much you want to kill us…by actually killing us)

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Awad and CAIR also condemned a suggestion by Newt Gingrich who responded to the attack by calling for Inquisition-style religious “testing” and possible deportation of “every person here with a Muslim background.”

Dispatch Nearby, members of the Texas delegation – dressed in shirts that looked like red, white and blue Texas flags, and cowboy hats – were waiting to board tour buses. Randall Dunning was one of them. An alternate delegate, he was asked about nearby CAIR event and its members’ fears of Islamophobia. He called CAIR “a criminal front for the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“I reject their entire agenda,” said Dunning, 58, a former city council member in the Dallas suburb of Garland and a member of the board of directors of the Texas GOP. He said he also rejects the political arm of Islam, and said if Muslims would disentangle their religion from politics and “ embrace American liberty, I will welcome and defend them.”