HAH! Police car stationed outside Islamic Center firebombed by Black Lives Matter

Thankfully, no police were inside the car. But the question should be why the hell are police parking one of their squad cars in front of the mosque attended by the Muslim terrorist who slaughtered 49 people in the Orlando nightclub massacre, as a precaution against potential violence directed at Muslims?


Gateway Pundit (h/t Rob E)  Isn’t there any building or group more deserving of police protection than the very same people who keep killing Americans?

A police car which was parked outside a mosque and Islamic center in Daytona, Florida was firebombed yesterday and a note left at the scene said Black Lives Matter.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports: The Daytona Beach Police Department may have been the target of anti-police backlash early Sunday morning when someone firebombed an unoccupied squad car parked in front of a mosque and left a note near the destroyed vehicle attributing the act to Black Lives Matter. The note at the scene read “Black Lives Matter A. Sterling P. Castile Fuck the police.”