BERLIN: Massive tractor trailer explosion…authorities quick to downplay possible terrorism link

Witness, Xenia Antipova said on Twitter she saw a “truck explosion” followed by two “big bangs” and “several smaller ones” in the district of Friedrichshain which is popular with tourists.  However, local authorities quickly allayed fears of an Islamic terrorist attack and said in a statement that the fire was not believed to be terror related. 

So what are the names of the drivers?


Daily Star  Following the several loud bangs, a black  smoke could be seen billowing over the capital scene of explosion with no casualties confirmed yet. Witnesses said they heard several loud bangs and smoke could be seen above the city’s skyline.

But local news reported that the blast was due to a horror smash involving a scooter and a lorry. Initial reports claimed that the truck had collided with a scooter before.


An eyewitness told German news site BZ: “It popped three times. “I was stoanding by the window. Everything wobbled.”The horror smash happened when a scooter went under the truck at a junction. It spilled petrol across the road as it was dragged along – which then ignited.

This comes as Europe was put on high alert after a spate of terrorist attacks in France and Brussels including a recent axe attack on a German train by a teenage Afghan who was later confirmed to be “a soldier of the Islamic State” after ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.