GERMANY: After savage axe attack on train passengers by Muslim migrant, German official defends Muslim migrants

externalOne single MUSLIM terrorist act cannot discredit all MUSLIM jihadists (posing as refugees),” says government spokesapologist in reference to the recent axe attack by a MUSLIM ‘refugee’ (photo right), which injured 21 people, some seriously. (Oh, there will be more attacks, a lot more attacks, count on it)

Steffen Seibert, government spokesidiot (German): “The German chancellor expresses her deepest condolences to the relatives of a Hong Kong family as well as German citizens injured in the attack. “If we remember recent MUSLIM terror attacks – Paris, Brussels, Nice – the picture is not the same. We can say that in most cases the MUSLIM perpetrators were not refugees. Some of them were born here in Europe. Some of them have already been here for a long time. Wurzberg perpetrator was confirmed to be a MUSLIM refugee. I want to remind you that the gruesome act of a single MUSLIM jihadist posing as a refugee cannot discredit a large group of MUSLIMS posing as refugees.” FYI, it was widely reported that this “refugee” was 17 years old. Clearly, he was older.


[UPDATED] BREAKING GERMANY: MUSLIM Terrorist with axe/knife attacks 21 people on train before being shot dead by police in Bavaria