GERMANY: What does Rainer Wendt, Chairman of the German Police Union, have to say about the Afghan Muslim Axe attacker who wounded 21 on the train?

He correctly condemns the politicians for questioning why the police had to kill the Muslim terrorist rather than just shooting the axe out of his hand. Conversely, he shows his cluelessness by saying, “We still don’t know what the real motivation behind the Muslim axe attack was.” 


Even more disturbing, Wendt tells the German people, “Don’t give in to the illusion of trying to protect yourself. The police can’t even protect you from the Muslim terrorist who acts alone.”

Vlad Tepesblog

Even worse, an ignorant German Bishop says, “We must not succumb to the danger of throwing all Muslim asylum seekers into one pot and thinking they are all a danger to us.” (But they ARE!)


They’ll be coming for your head first, Bishop, and then will proceed to destroy your church and replace it with a mosque. FYI, the attacker was not 17 years old. He lied so he could get in as a child and get more benefits.