NASHVILLE SHERIFF MUST BE FIRED for hiring Muslim inmate advocate and forcing prison guards to study ‘Islam 101’

nashville_muslims_4494Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall says he wants jail guards to better understand the practices and beliefs of Muslim inmates. So he has accepted a request from local Muslim leaders (no doubt designated terrorist group CAIR) to teach “Islam 101” classes for jail staff, and he plans to hire a part-time advocate as a go-between with inmates.


Nashville Public Radio  Hall’s moves follow a recent sit-down meeting with highly influential Islamic leaders (You mean the CAIR unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist financing case in America?). And they come at a time when the Muslim community is growing, along with their presence as prisoners inside county jails.

“Let me be very blunt about it: We need a much better understanding in law enforcement, in this country, in this city, anywhere, to understand the various cultural issues,” Hall said in opening the July 12 meeting. “We need help understanding what the sensitivities about various religious and other aspects are so we’re not stomping all over what is a very precious feeling.” (Why? You don’t do it for other extremist groups)


Guards have learned to accommodate prayer times and dietary needs, Hall said. But there’s still the chance of causing friction, simply for lack of knowledge.

He used the case of a DUI arrest as an example. While his team handles DUI defendants most days, he said they might not realize “that’s very offensive as it relates to the use of alcohol … they’re unaware of the sensitivity to that in the Muslim faith.” (Why should they care?)

How about a program designed to stop Muslim terrorists from recruiting members (Muslims and non-Muslims alike) in the prisons?


So the sheriff took the sit-down meeting with local imams and members of the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), which is also meeting with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the field office of the FBI.

Muslim leaders want to teach about their faith and establish a connection with Hall so that they can voice concerns. In exchange, they said they’d go back into their communities with explanations about the justice system.

Prisons must cater to every goddamn halal rule and holiday in the muslim calendar
Prisons must cater to every goddamn halal rule and holiday in the muslim calendar

Paul Galloway, executive director of AMAC, said the group wants to be versed in the policies that govern the use of force in jails and what triggers local authorities to initiate deportation proceedings.

Hall will send top administrators and all new hires through “Islam 101” first, and then he wants to incorporate the lesson into in-service training for current staff. (This is all you need)


He’s also looking to AMAC to nominate candidates for the new part-time Muslim advocacy position. That person will work in jails and neighborhoods to relay messages, starting with the need for more Muslims to volunteer within the jails — a point made by the imams who see disgruntled letters from inmates.

“It’s very refreshing to have a sheriff who wants to know more,” Galloway said.(Don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon, once news of this idiotic policy gets out)

Will prison guards be getting lessons in asslifting to Allah, too?
Will prison guards be getting lessons in asslifting to Allah, too?