YECH! NAKED MUSLIM GUY runs around Italian town shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Caught on video, a devout Muslim ran naked through a town square shouting “There is no God but Allah.” Three policemen tried to stop the Islamostreaker as he ran at full speed through a public space. Too bad they didn’t have a police dog there to take him down.


UK Mirror (h/t TROP)  Bemused onlookers recorded the bizarre scene as others out for a stroll were stopped in their tracks as the man, then the cops, raced past them.

The 22-year-old Muslim man from Tunisia, who has not been named, was seen running in the nude around the Pratto della Valle Square in the city of Padua in northern Italy. He was spotted by a passing police patrol and amused onlookers watched as a game of cat and mouse unfolded.


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  1. He knew that video would go viral
    and make it back to shitdump where
    he was from. Would prove to all
    remaining there that despite low
    IQ, he had made it , had made
    something with his life. Would lay
    to rest, once and for all , to many
    naysayers that said he would’t
    amount to anything. That success
    can come if you just put your
    mind to it, no matter how small
    said mind is.Was now ready for
    next phase…

  2. This Muslim displays their psychological weakness: lack of control & screw loose.
    European leaders think they will train them like dogs. Muslims are not as smart as dogs- will never train. Europe has a surprise coming.

    • “Muslims are not as smart as dogs- will never train.”
      Az, they are “trained” from birth, so all they need to do is gut react, or another way of saying, react by instinct, much like a dog.

      • Yes, Muslims are trained from birth to be ass lifters, head bangers, and cut throats. But in the European idea of training- to be civilized human beings, will never happen.

  3. I wonder how the Authorities feel, knowing they have been Brain Washed and Scrubbed completely of common sense?


  4. They should have had a canine unit. Mine think that little dangling things are toys! Would have been a true allahu snackbar!

  5. It is simply time to start killing them. The police are idiots/clowns chasing these monsters around.

  6. Those lunatics can not do that in their Islamic countries. In the West they found out that they can commit any crime or indecent act without fear of being prosecuted. It is getting real ugly.

  7. Let wild male Boars loose on him. Inject them with more testosterone and starve them until it’s feeding frenzy time.
    Boars and pigs can even eat through bone. They could eat his penis but it’s too deformed and a chipolata would look massive next to it

  8. Sounds like this guy is having his human rights violated because his Muslim culture isn’t being respected.

    Looks like this Muslim has invented a new type of jihad: streaking jihad.

  9. He must be acting like his pedophile Mohamed when he was having epileptic fits hearing the Koran. Psycho people tell strangers who wrote the Devils Koran. Try to disprove me. You Can’t!!! The truth is light!!!

  10. It is a classic defense strategy – it will be used by all Muslim lawyers in the future to explain why poor Muslim men and women want to chop people up or run them over by vehicles.

  11. Bonni,
    Are you familiar with the history of the term ‘to run amok?’ It unsurprisingly comes to us from the Muslim world, when some adherent of the ‘Religion of Peace’ would suddenly go off his nut and run about knifing people. Given the amount of mental insanity going around the Islamic world, it seems to be an appropriate time to bring it back into usage in these and other attacks.

  12. In response to Islamostreaking, we should deploy naked women running and screaming “Allah was a peadofile.”

  13. Just another typical musslime using his “religion” as an excuse to do something bazar. They are ALL disfunctional in some way. At least it was fairly clear that he didn’t have a bomb hanging on him … If he did it was quite small???

  14. Why are they chasing that poor guy? I mean, aren’t Europeans supposed to accommodate Muslim behavior? Aren’t they supposed to just get used to it, because Muslims are Europe’s future? Their SUPPOSED to just shrug and leave him to his own devices…