YET ANOTHER German festival hit by Muslim migrant sex attacks as German girls groped by groups of Afghanis

Eighteen more cases of sexual assault by Muslim migrants are being investigated by German police after the open air festival Breminale in Bremen.


UK Express  Some incidents were reported to the police by concerned passersby while in other cases victims contacted officers. Police arrested six Muslim suspects during the five-day festival, who were all released on Monday. (Why?)

Officers confirmed those taken into custody were “mostly” Muslim refugees from Afghanistan. Teenagers as young as 17 said they were “hugged and groped” by groups of Muslim men on a busy dance floor.

A band that performed at the festival said they spotted the assaults from the stage. They wrote on Facebook: ”While we were celebrating, some Muslim sexist super-assholes used the dancing crowd to corner, grope and harass female visitors to our concert. This is terrible”.


Anonymous eyewitness: “I saw how she was touched while she was dancing. Then it turned into groping, her head was touched and the hair was stroked.  “Then I just saw her help-seeking expression and went straight over. The women didn’t go to the police. “We only realised afterwards what was going on.”

According to radio station Radio Bremen, police are still evaluating how to classify the incidents legally. (How about sexual assaults?)

The organisers of the Breminale have expressed their shock about the incidents but said they believed security was adequate.