HYDERABAD: Five young boys video themselves laughing as they burn alive three screaming puppies

What none of the reports are mentioning is that one of the boys is wearing a white Muslim headrag which increases the likelihood that all of them are Muslims.


India.com  (h/t The Mindset) In the three-minute long gruesome video, five boys can be seen dragging puppies into the fire made out of wood and garbage. One of the boy tied two puppies together through their leg and one was thrown when the fire started. When the puppies started screaming and tried to crawl out, the boys can be seen pushing them back into the fire using sticks.


The group waited till the puppies were dead. It was quite evident that the boys were drawing immense pleasure from roasting the puppies alive in the fire.

Indian Express From the video it appears that the boys played with the pups for sometime in the afternoon and then started a fire for fun. Then the boys dragged the three pups by their tails and hurled them into the fire. The blood-curling cries of the puppies could be heard in the video which someone uploaded on Facebook.

The boys, residents of Musheerabad, took turns using sticks to push back the crawling puppies back into the fire, and watched them burn alive.

Animal lovers and activists who watched the video lodged a complaint at Mushreerabad Police Station. An official said that the five were minors and they were sent for counselling.