FBI concluded that Muslim terrorist who killed 49 in Orlando was victim of “Islamophobia” and posed no danger

And this is the result of the Obama Regime forcing the FBI to scrub any references to “Muslims” or “Islam” in their counter-(Islamic) terrorism training manuals.

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Frontpage  The FBI decided that Orlando Jihadist killer Omar Mateen was a victim of Islamophobia. They assured the police that he wouldn’t be dangerous. They were taken in by the Islamophobia hoax and 49 people died because of it.


In documents obtained by Judicial Watch is a September 27, 2013, email memo from former St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department Major Michael Graves to Sheriff’s Department Director of Detention Patrick Tighe.

FBI concluded a several month long thorough investigation of one of our G4S employees, Omar Mateen, who works at the courthouse. Last night, I spoke with FBI SAC [Special Agent in Charge] Rand Glass who informed me they believe this individual has been making comments about his capabilities via his alleged Middle Eastern  terrorist contacts as a form of tit for tat – who is the biggest and baddest rhetoric. 


Reportedly, Mateen told FBI he did this because a deputy who no longer works at the courthouse kept calling him a “towel head.” Mateen denied saying some of the things the FBI knows he did say. If he were smart he should not lie to them about any portion of the investigation (federal offense). They plan to speak to him again regarding his discrepancy.

Rand told me “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist.” Yesterday, the FBI spoke with him in person and reportedly Mateen became very upset that someone contacted the FBI. Regarding this demeanor, Rand said, “I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.”